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4/5/2013 c32 Guest
Best fiction EVER..!
4/2/2013 c1 Guest
11/18/2012 c32 Guest
Omg I fell inlove with tgis story! Im always sad when a good story ends but this story at the end only brought joy! I was suprised that the story took 3 years to write and u finished it in two days! Lol im not kidding started reading saturday finished sunday! What I love about the story is that I felt the emotions the characters felt and I was kinda happy when it finished it was an awsome ending to an awsome story original undeed your story touched my heart and it has a special place in it as well I simply fell inlove with every character and I really related with martin since me and him had the same family problems to make it short I really enjoyed the story and I hope you write more I hope you get to read this probably not but keeping my hopes up anyways thankyou God bless:)3:)3
11/11/2012 c31 4Bitten by a cow
Wow. I just love Martin's letter to Maddie's dad. That made me laugh. The part where-no, no, just all of it. All of it made me laugh out loud. Excellently done, dear Fido.
11/11/2012 c30 Bitten by a cow
Hey, I know it's been probably years since I've reviewed, but I recently rediscovered the amazing work of art that is your story.

I love that you can contrast so sharply the incredibly romantic moment with the hilarious comparisons (the man who "looked suspiciously like the Monopoly man" and Jocelyn "wailing something that resembled 'soap opera'" made me laugh out loud).

I don't know what else to say but this: beautifully done.
9/10/2012 c32 RubyRed22
I simply adore this story! I think Martin and Maddie are the cutest ever, and I find them absolutely hilarious.

I love how non-sappy you made this, and your lovely sense of humour as well. (btw, I laughed like crazy when Maddie was writing her dad's letter and also, I misread the part about Martin and Maddie's "stories to share" as "stories to scare", but laughed even harder after realizing.) I much admire how you gave this a happy ending without following the cliché. I liked the subtle changes through Martin, then Maddie, complete with outside family problems that only made this more intriguing.

I was actually feeling very lazy, but I soo thought that you deserved the review. What can I say? Reading this was super-mega-über-extremely-awesome (or something like that...)!

Anyways, if I wanted to criticise you (which by the way, I am pretty good at - so don't take it personally), it would definitely be your consistency.
For one, I was profusely confused about their ages in probably the first two thirds of the story. At first I got 16, then somehow read 15, but I could have sworn that 18 was thrown in there somewhere... Needless to say, I was puzzled.
I also noticed that Richard's name got changed to Robert some part through, so yeah...
Another thing, your POVs were all over the place! What with the ocassional back and forth chapter between Martin and Maddie, and the random and sometimes unnecessary supporting character every now and then. Other times, it wasn't until the third paragraph that I would finally realize whose POV it was, so I would advise you to specify, too.

On a note that completely oozes redundancy, I LOVE YOUR CANADIAN-ism(?)!... Yes, I am indeed a fan of the beaver and hockey, and all that other Canadian goodness (maple syrup!). I live in Toronto and talk somewhat like a British person (not that it matters), but you can see why I like you.

...Wait! One last thing: I. LOVE. POUTINE. WITH A BURNING PASSION.

7/30/2012 c32 lol
OMG I loved this! read it in two days, and am astounded how fucking good this story is! i liked it a lot, bcuz even thogh it had the cliched love-hate thing going on, u tottaly owned it by adding all the drama and back stories to all the carachters! i hope u write more stories like this! (btw, my fictonpress name is ShazzyLovesYou, but i am on mah dsi, and am tooo lazy to login, so pm me via that if ya feel like it)
3/14/2012 c32 mee
sqdexsdx i liked this (:
1/18/2012 c1 1ButterflyKisses18
So damn cute! *dies because too much fluffiness* I love this sosoooooooo sooo sosoooo sosoooo soooo sooo so so so so so so sos sos so sooooo so so so so so sooooo muchhhhhh! :DDDD Pleaseee update! Or I will kill you. ^^
1/6/2012 c32 WordsFlowNaturally
Great story, love it!
1/3/2012 c32 CreatingMyselfByMyself
I've been following this story for more than two years now, waiting with anticipation for each chapter, and I absolutely love it!

And I don't know why I haven't written any comments... Until now I mean... Guess I always tend to wait too long to do stuff like this... Even though I've been thinking about it for months now!

Anyway I just wanted to tell you, - now that I'm finally writing a comment - that this is one of the best stories I've read on the internet so far! The characters, the plot, the way you describe the things you want to tell us and I, myself, happen to love that you tell us the story from Martin AND Madeline’s point-of-views, it isn't confusing at all, it's great! I think it's awesome the way you "build up" the characters and the story, and the cuteness in the stroy is just to die for!

Simply said; I LOVE it! Keep on writing! And if not on this story then some other! 'Cause I've read your One-Shots too, and they're also quite awesome;P

- RainyDaysRocks
1/2/2012 c11 11Krystal Rock
1/2/2012 c32 9BellsAndRibbons
Wow...Amazing story...I can't believe i just sat here for...4 hours solid reading, yep all 32 chapters in 4 hours. Its amazing.

Indigo Tia Moore
1/2/2012 c1 I Can't read this any more
Ok well the plot seems ok for this book but I just can't read anymore! Changing POV every paragraph is really annoying and makes it really hard to read a least write a page in one and a page in the other, the way that you've done it just makes it confusing. People read books to relax and your book is just too much hard work to try and keep up with the constant changes, if I was you I would spend a long time editing it and if you can't get someone who can! If you need some help I edit books a lot on another website Wattpad and would be happy to help you here's my email address . Trust me I’ve made a career out of editing books and I could really help you I work for a major editing company and basically spend my days helping fix books like yours which are great but have a fundamental problem which ruins them, the writing is good and if you fixed the POV problem you could even have a chance at publishing it! Just send me an email I’d love to help you more I see real potential! I’m a copy editor for Hearst Books (an imprint of international publisher William Morrow & Co., Inc.).
12/30/2011 c1 jenjen24
cool!, but it's a little confusing due to the constant interchanging of point of views..

but still, i love it!, i love this kind of stories!

haha, love it!
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