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12/29/2011 c32 Brittney
oh my heck this story is super freaking cute(:(: not as much kissing as i would've wanted but ohhh well(: hehe i just love this(: a lot(:
12/28/2011 c32 beyond-difficult
I truly enjoyed reading your story. I never wanted to stop reading! I commend you for keeping the characters as real as possible. If this story could ever be turned into a film, I assure you that I would be one of the first to go see it. Best of luck on your future endeavors. I look forward to reading more of your work :)
12/27/2011 c32 quoiladie
I applaud you for being an amazing author and sharing this astoundingly well written story. This made me cry, laugh, and immortalize with the characters. Thank you for giving the readers a lasting impressible read.
12/23/2011 c32 BurritoMan
I loved this so much! I love that the characters, especially Maddie, have a dark side to them. Maddie and Martin were so sweet together. I was beginning to tear up when the flashback with the fight in Maddie's family where Maddie drinks the alcohol to please her father. That wasn't the only time, either. This story had me either almost in tears or jumping for joy. I loved it. :)

Having said that, though, I do have some criticisms too. The changing between point of view was interesting in the first chapter. However, by the end of the story it got a bit annoying. There were so many points of views it was going from, and often the same scene would be repeated twice with minimal changes. I think that third person would suit your style of writing if you do it right. Even with third person, you can offer just as much insight into the mind as first person, and the point of view wouldn't be changing so much.

Also, I think some of the minor characters could have been expanded on a bit. I understand that they aren't the main characters, but I still loved them and, as such, I was sad that they weren't expanded on. Maddie's mum was bipolar, but we barely even see anything relating to the disorder. I think it would have been nice to see, even if it was in a flashback, something about how the disorder affected the family. Also, even though there was half a chapter with Rebecca's point of view, we don't really get to find out that much about her. I loved her character, and I wish she was expanded on. I hope we get to see more of Rebecca in your short story. :)

It may look like I wrote a lot of criticisms, but please don't take it as a bad thing. I can't list all the positives, because I truly loved everything except the negatives I mentioned. I truly loved this story. I'll be sure to read your next one!
12/21/2011 c32 Sarah
Awesome story !

I just fell in love with all, I really mean all, the characters !

They were all so...3Dimensional ? There was depth to every one of your characters.

And the story was so good, I cried for Maddie like it was real .

And I laughed so hard, specially when they were on the way to that hockey game, when Martin thinks : "Puberty, thou are a heartless hag" god, I couldn't stop laughing at that one XD

The Christmas dance was super cute, as well as their first kiss .

Anyways, I will keep an eye on your next works, because this was amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing :D



PS : j'aime beaucoup quand tu signes ton travail en disant "Avec tout mon amour, Fido" je trouve que ça donne un certain cachet...à moins que ce soit moi qui suis bête ^^' Aussi, je me demandais qui était Papillon, Maddie en parle quand elle est saoule au téléphone avec son frère. C'était un animal de compagnie ?
12/20/2011 c1 1StarrCatcher15
The story sounds great so far! The way the story was laid out i though that this was going to be troublesome to read and get confusing, but you did great and i really like the layout! Great personalities!
12/20/2011 c32 Elise Cromwell
Absolutely, fantastically adorable. I absolutely loved it. :) It definitely brightened the past three days I've spent reading it! Fabulous work. :)
12/19/2011 c32 2Sweet.Linda
This was my expression the entire time I was reading this: :D

Needless to say, I ABSOLUTELY AH-FLIPPEN'-DORED THIS CHAPTER. Hell, I ah-flippen'-dored this entire story! xD

Maddie and Martin are just so... perfectly hilarious and cute, without being all annoying about it. And, the way the story was written was amazing, as well. :)

I'ma be really sad without any more updates, but I can always reread this story (which I probably will. :'))

I absolutely loved this to bits and pieces because it was absolutely amazing to the power of 2019320193324890234! :D

You did an amazing (aren't you sick of hearing that word now? xD) job writing this. Keep it up! C:
12/19/2011 c32 TinyHuman
Do a sequel! Awesome story !
12/18/2011 c32 kaymonkeygirl
Wow I think I just bawled my eyes out! That was so touching(: I just joined the story a few days ago and read it nonstop and to see it end so perfectly was incredible! Thank you so much or writing this! It has been a pleasure reading it and I hope that you continue to write because you have so major skill(:
12/18/2011 c32 9Inkpress00
Yay! Final (?) chapter! You did it!

I just want to say something that I didn't last chapter. I'm really happy you went with a friendly divorce. I can't remember the last time I read or saw any memorable fiction without the divorcees wanting to bite each other's heads off. My parents happen to be good friends even though they're divorced and I appreciate you not succumbing to the obvious route.

In summary, thank you for a wonderful and realistic (to me) message and story.

Your faithful subject,

12/13/2011 c31 2Sweet.Linda
All I have to say to this is:

Awwwh! This chapter was absolutely, positively adorable. (:
12/13/2011 c31 2SmilingSarcasm
O.O awww. Very cute, I'm so so happy your finishing the story. Forgive me if I worried you wouldn't lol, anywho I will be waiting for the next chapter :D
12/10/2011 c30 5ClicheStoryIsCliche
Finally. *wipes a tear from my eyes*
12/7/2011 c30 2Sweet.Linda

I have no words to describe how absolutely amazing this was.

It was just so... so cute, and sad, and adorable, and meaningful, and beautiful, and... super-duper amazing!

And, to be honest, the ending had me grinning like an idiot.


"Baby steps. I can do this."


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