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11/16/2011 c27 9Inkpress00
Cripes, that was a fast update.

I honestly wasn't expecting to like this chapter, but I did. It's hard to explain, but previously I was rooting for Mr. Dad to be put back in jail. Now, though, I can see it's going to go in completely different direction.

Nice update speed! :)

11/15/2011 c26 2SmilingSarcasm
I'm extremely happy. Thought you had died right in the middle of the story lol, anywho. Its great, and I will be waiting like always for the next chapter. :D
11/11/2011 c26 2Sweet.Linda
Wow, it's been such a long time since you've last updated - and, I'm probably the 384937589th person who has told you that. xD

Martin's mom & dad's story is so flippen' adorable. Same with Lyza. And, Martin, and Maddie. I'm so happy they're starting to be happy again. Yaaay ! (:

Awesome chapter, as per usual. :D

Please update soon this time ! xD
11/9/2011 c26 Linnea7
Je suis heureuse que tu continues à écrire cette histoire! Madeleine's idea of abstract painting with Lyza to help her cope was a great, creative idea. After all, we can all be abstract artists! I am also very proud of Madeleine for throwing out all her crap. It's funny how Lyza really got into it too and wanted to help throw away the boxes too. :)
11/9/2011 c26 7flyingpencil
Ha, ha. FINALLY!

You need to write faster. Really, it took SO long for you to upload this. In my time it means forver! Please finish it before Chritmas, I WANT TO KNOW how they up together. Anyway, epic chapter, love how you jungle with emtions going from one extreme to the other and your characters are just so real. Nothing happens really, no other action then them, their hatred and their issues with family but I don't know. It's great!
11/9/2011 c26 9Inkpress00
Yay! Another chapter from the dog. Been looking forward to it. Anyway, I loooved this chapter, the whole brown paint, cinnamon, green appley, super-mega-über-extremely-awesome thing. ;) I too love the whole hugging thing, but for some reason the switch between the two perspectives was rather jarring. Perhaps just one perspective per chapter? Just a friendly suggestion.

Looking forward to the next chapter!

11/9/2011 c1 12henbee
"I said right, she said left. I said white, she said black. I protested, she called me a racist."

Best line ever.
8/14/2011 c25 MelDolly
You should definitely update this story again soon. It's great and I love reading your work. I'm just super lazy, which is why I probably have not reviewed it in the past and for that, I apologise.

I hope you're able to update again shortly.
7/8/2011 c25 needy
soooo it's summer time. has the season inspired any writing out of you? because chapter 26 and so on would really complement the warm weather, i think. just an idea.
7/5/2011 c25 S.A. Graves
I absolutely love this story. I'm incredibly impatient for the next chapter. No pressure but I currently going crazy because of the wait. I'm curious as to where you're taking this story from this chapter. It was really emotionally intense and I'm really starting to wonder how the depth that was added into Jones and Maddie's relationship can blossom into something more... Just thinking about it's intricacies is making me impatient. Can't wait!

Et si ça semble être plus encourageant, une remarque en français ne pourrait certainement pas faire de mal. Continue à écrire. La profondeur avec laquelle tu écris est très appréciée et la manière dont tu manipules les mots pour réussir à donner aux personnages tellement plus de vie. C'est incroyablement captivant!

Bonne chance dans l'écriture de ton prochain chapitre! (And here's to hoping it'll be done soon!)
6/25/2011 c25 courtz
Are you dead?







please just write another chapter, it can be short, like 10 lines but please please please please write some more...
6/20/2011 c25 just me


my other story which I was reading ended and you know how hard it is too find good storied (like yours) these days..

ohh well please hurry before I die for lack of reading epic stories
5/28/2011 c25 Tori
uhhh hi, I think ive wroten too you before, if I havnt im sorry I just have a ba memorie.. Ok so more than I absolutley looovee your storie and that im addicted to it I really need you too hurry upp. Seriusly I feel like some kind of addict trying too leave his drugs, and its pretty... Im looking every 12 hours too se if you have updated and Im all paraoid and stuff, I NEED YOUR STORY! I mean seriusly I cant handle this much longer, I just need my little "Becuase I said so!" dose..

Well thats all I need to say right now but expect more of these if you dont update soon...

Well XOXO Love your story :D
5/7/2011 c25 tori
I love your this story, it is truly amazing. Please uppload a new eppisode or more soon, I am like addicted so I check if you have wroten a new chapter every day... So I really have no recomendations because it Rocks, I just wanted to tell you how god off a writer you are :)
4/29/2011 c25 2Sweet.Linda
Omgosh! I feel so bad for Martin and Lyza. :(

But, I loved Maddie during this chapter; she was so adorable, and kind!
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