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4/28/2011 c25 1surrendertomusic

love it love it love it! I love this story
4/28/2011 c25 2SmilingSarcasm
YAY! I always love updates. As always this chapter was just as great (possibly better) as the other chapters. I can't wait (literally I check everyday) for the next update. :) I
4/28/2011 c25 6KTMrshall
Aw... its soo sute how close they're getting and how much they rely on each other.

Its a pity bout his dad.. but i think we all knew it was coming.

Can't WAIT for the next chapter...
4/28/2011 c25 8Kiveda
woah! guys writing romances? now ive seen everything...

lol kidding

c'est interessant!

update soon

4/27/2011 c25 Linnea7
Wow, this was a really emotionally moving chapter. Madeleine really does understand Martin's situation and it's interesting how similar they actually are! And poor Lyza! That would be so hard to go through especially if you're only seven years old. I like how Madeleine comforts both Martin and Lyza but in different ways and I also like that she tells Lyza the truth that her dad might not come back but she tells her gently and soothingly. It was also rather funny when Lyza states that Madeleine fights with Martin too but she says "we both love him." :) That's something Madeleine isn't quite ready to admit yet! But she's getting there I think eventually... Anyways, I'm definitely looking forward to the next chapter!
4/27/2011 c25 Admins Pls Delete Me
I liked this chapter, it was really good. And, hey, your updates aren't slow at all. You should see the time that goes by between my updates, it's bad :D. So, anyways, before I go off on a tangent about things that aren't even closely related to your story or even stories in general...where was I?

Oh. Oh, yeah! So you have a really good story on your hands here, it's not a cliche (actually it's the farthest thing from a cliche (and that's a compliment))like most stories on here and...it's just really great (I sound like an idiot right about now...).

So, um, yeah! Usually I would say the customary: please update soon but since I'm used to your "horrendous writing speed" I'll settle for: I LOVE THIS STORY!
4/25/2011 c24 dakota s
you definitely promised a long update. when will you deliver? im dying right now. literally. because im sick. but reading gives me strength. so you should update. now. or as soon as possible. please? perdy pwease?
4/25/2011 c24 sarcasm is my middle name
Wow. just wow. best story i've read in a really long time! I was just addicted, couldn't stop! Please update!
4/17/2011 c7 2CaBlasch87
4/16/2011 c24 Linnea7
I have to admit, I am rather addicted to this story! Maddie and Martin's relationship can be so funny sometimes when they're hurling insults at each other and realizing that they don't really mean it. I also like that the story is told from the viewpoints of the main characters and also of the secondary characters. That especially helps us get to know the secondary characters better. This story is deeper than some others I've read as well. It deals with real issues that the characters face and the problems don't become quickly and unrealistically resolved. It takes time for the characters to work through these issues. However, I don't understand why Maddie refused to talk to her brother for eight years. I mean she realized he was doing what was best for her, right?
4/15/2011 c24 6KTMrshall
I finally managed to read thro the whole 24 chapters of this... taken me 2 days! well last night and this morning...

i love this story! its so amazing...

Can't wait for the next chapter! :)
4/12/2011 c24 2Sweet.Linda
Awh, they miss each other.
4/9/2011 c23 dakota s
this mischievous glint of becca's is newish. and i cant wait to see when maddie and martin next run into each other! please update again soon :)
4/5/2011 c1 2CaBlasch87
aww, how cute!
4/4/2011 c23 2SmilingSarcasm
Lmao, he knifed him in the back, awesome. I loved this chapter for two main reasons: A. Eurydice and Orpheus are my all time favorite love story, and B. He got knifed in the back by his friend. It makes me giggle. I'll be waiting for the next chapter.
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