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4/4/2011 c23 2Sweet.Linda

Kyoko & Becca have got to be the bestest friends a girl can have. They're awesomely hilarious. :')

Tehehe, Martin & Maddie admitted they're in love ~

Amazing chapter, as usual!

Update soon, please. :)
4/4/2011 c22 dakota s
ok. wow. i just saw this story for the first time, and i nearly overlooked it because i wasn't in the mood for something in the romance section, but then i clicked on it by ACCIDENT and it was like serendipity. in the last couple of days ive alternated between staying up hours after my eyes were aching with fatigue just to fit in one more chapter,to actually attempting to hide my laptop from myself just to savor your work. even as i type this the sun has come up and i have a class in a few hours but i dont even care because all i can think about is how long i am going to wait until i can read more. really, i'm in love. this is amazing, my new favorite! i honestly was not expecting this at all when i started reading, i was really skeptical. but now i feel like shoving it down my literate friends' throats. i think i will in fact. thank you so much for this, i really cant wait to read more.
4/1/2011 c22 7flyingpencil
Awesome chapter, I really adore Jones, he's so nice.

I would appreciate seeing more of Charles, Kyoko and Rebecca, especially plotting and interaction between Kyoko and Charles: those two have a thing together that just makes me laugh like an otter. I find the last chapters a bit depressing, but they hold hope. Things will get better! Won't they?
3/29/2011 c22 2Sweet.Linda

Martin found out Maddie drank! D;

But, he's determined to save her! Baah, he's so adorable!
3/28/2011 c22 2SmilingSarcasm
yah! an update! Really this made my day, it being monday and i had to go to school on three hours of sleep, thats really something. lol I adore Jones, i really do. He is such a good guy. Anywho, don't be a stranger with the updates, I'll be waiting lol
3/23/2011 c21 9Inkpress00
Yay, a potential fast update!

All in all, not your strongest chapter yet, but still definitely funny. Keep going!
3/23/2011 c21 2Sweet.Linda

Rebecca, Kyoko, and Charles never fail to make my day. :')

Martin is finally starting to realize his feelings, LALALALA~

Amazing chapter, as per usual!

3/21/2011 c21 2SmilingSarcasm
I'm so excited! I was getting a little worried that you were never going to update again lol I can't wait for the next chapter. Also I like how the song plays into the story, its very cool how you twisted the words to make the song go from hatred to love.
3/15/2011 c9 Follow-The-Spiders
Just a quick question: How old is Lyza? Because if she's young, then, no offence meant, but Lyza doesn't sound very young; she sounds as if she's a pre-teen, at the age of eleven or twelve.

However, I like your character development. It needs a little more work, but I've read only only the first nine chapters; I'll let you know what I think of the character development at the end of the story.

Good job; keep it up.
2/27/2011 c20 6musicalfishieXD
Ah! What happens next...I like it.
2/25/2011 c20 2Sweet.Linda
Gr, Luke should just go and talk to Maddie already. Shesh. But, he's still such a nice brother. x]

Amazing chapter, as always! Keep it up. :)
2/24/2011 c20 2SmilingSarcasm
YOU UPDATED! yah! I was gettin slightly worried lol, anywho luke's point of view was cool, it gives more understanding to whats going on, I can't wait til the next chapter. :)
2/24/2011 c20 9Inkpress00
Very good chapter. Not much to say except that I really like it and it was good to hear about Luke's view.
1/17/2011 c19 4Bitten by a cow
Wow, it seems like every time I read your story, you get better and better! Why did you ever want an editor, again...?

Your writing style is so interesting and emotion-catching! There was a section when Martin was talking to Luke that I got confused about who was speaking, and you could make their whole dynamic a bit clearer. So Julie knew all along? Has Dr. Rosins shown up before? Why didn't Maddie recognize him if he's her brother?

That's all. No wait, it isn't! You did an awesome job at the end when it just turned all around. I was like, "Oh, oh, oh! What if...!" Wonderful, the way you let her slip just a little before she remembered her whole hating-him deal. Such a hopeful ending!
1/8/2011 c19 2SmilingSarcasm
This chapter is great! You don't have the unrealistic fake drama, you created realistic, depressing drama, with a twist. It was intriguing. As always, I will be waiting for the next update chapter. HAPPY NEW YEAR, just in case no one told you.
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