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1/25/2008 c1 24sincerely disregard
Completely agree, though I find the empty summaries or summaries that say "I suck at summaries" to be some of the worst offends. Neither makes much sense as one cuts the story off at the knees and the other shots it in the foot. In general I can't (it's not even won't, I physically can't bring myself to) read a story that offers no title or summery, has the nerve to try pity tactics to win readers (the "I suck at summaries" summaries), repeat anything already mentioned in setting underneath (i.e. rating, complete, etc.), anything that just list non-sequitur together like they are hoping one of them will pique your interest, or if it says vampires or elementals (that goes only for this site though I don't often go seeking those kinds of out anyways).
1/25/2008 c1 10Susannah Simon
oh concerto, here you go again with the ranting :D

hahaha this was very entertaining to read though!

...i read your stories...:(

and just to spite you and to prove that people DO read your stories, i'm gonna read more of your stories. right now. haha!

the "high school themes" made me laugh. :D

and "untitled" as a title for a story is definitely my #2 pet peeve. #1 is people using the word "irregardless". haha

so i'm gonna read more of your stories. post another thing like this! you're good at making witty observations :D
1/25/2008 c1 10EvilAngel-001
One annoying thing about summaries that I ignore:

I suck at summaries

Story better than it sounds

Not very good-(That's just stupid because people will take your word for it and assume your story isn't very good.)

My first story so please review!

I could go on. Thanks for writing this, people who do stuff like that tend to get irritating.
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