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for Why no one reads your story?

5/4/2009 c18 38Utah Dynamo
hm a very good work that could explain alot of why i don't get reviews.

but can you explain why somebody doesn't believe you when you write a True Story?
4/23/2009 c18 4love Kefillia
Haha, concerto! I love this! Maybe I should write something about your story, making this review worth something. I must say, I loved the whole Energizer and Duracall Bunny thing.

By the way, (completly off topic) I haven't seen you on the skow forums as much...

I really should've made this review worth something or another in some way. Haha.

4/23/2009 c18 4I see London I see Sam's Town

So amusing.

George Bush and penguins? I have you know, mister, that I am a devout George Bushian and refuse to hear otherwise! No, no, just kidding. C;

How 'bout George Bush and monkeys. That concept never fails!

Ha... Easter bunny! Have you seen the full version of "The Easter Bunny Hates You" on Youtube? xP
4/7/2009 c2 8pattEcake
This is fantastic advice. And it's great that you put it up so that everyone can see it. I know it's probably just because you were annoyed.. but, hey, if it helps the needy! I've never been any good at writing a synopsis for my stories. I alway get sidetracked. For me, it's terrible because I lose ideas quickly. Please stay on, though. You seem like a very interesting person with good ideals!
4/2/2009 c17 47Helizabeth
i was thinking about a Rubik's Cube oriented crackfic where the Heir to the Golden Cube solves it and ends world hunger and creates world peace, but I can't fit it anywhere. and it was going to be so good! but you're totally right about all the genres.
4/1/2009 c1 10hayella
I did enjoy this work of yours. Thanks for posting it:)

It helped. It was like - "Hey, all these are true, indeed."

3/21/2009 c5 Penguin Junkie
Too lazy to sign in...

First- I keep seeing a common mistake: "those that" should be "those who."

Second- Watch your commas, such as "although, it only..." should not have a comma there.

Third- Yes, I have seen them in not just this chapter, but the other ones as well.

Fourth- Nice story; just watch the little details, because they can be annoying, given they continually pop up.

Fifth- I don't really have one... I just felt like putting 'fifth.'
3/18/2009 c16 1Delcroy
This is truly authentic. I look forward to more of your writing.
3/11/2009 c8 9Ranktwo
I read various chapters. I saw the title and the people inside my head all went, "Wooh! Rant time!" I like rant time. You make some very good points. The "R3VI3W !" thing bugs me to absolutely no end.
3/10/2009 c15 4I see London I see Sam's Town
"Remember this, if you see someone reading something without paying attention to it, but at the same time reviewing you, then he/she is a flamer."

And the ones who read and don't pay attention-yet STILL review and aren't negative-are just poor readers. D: I hate when this happens -_-; D:
3/7/2009 c16 47Helizabeth
this chapter was really confusing. but i think i got it. people don't read stories because there are too many limitations. or don't write because they have too many limitations. right? i hope. about the "too close to life" section, i use writing to live the life i know i could never have. it's hard though, to write about things i don't understand or never experienced.
3/5/2009 c1 30october lies
I agree with most of these - especially the "plz r3vi3w" one. I never give those a chance. I do have to say that the fxf/mxm one doesn't necessarily have to be an advertisement. I put "femmeslash" on mine so as to avoid those who dislike it from reading it. There are some people who look for those, there are people who avoid those, there are others who don't care one way or the other and judge by the summary itself. I'm one of the "other" people. I'd rather not find someone who doesn't like it, reviews, then never reads it again.

That's all I have to say. :)
3/3/2009 c11 4Mechanical Dolls
LOL Stock market. I really like this chapter. I came back after a long while and saw the new addition. Was like, 'whaat?'
3/3/2009 c1 Mechanical Dolls
Okay, great points you got there. I agree with most of them, except the one about slash. Not because I write slash (I do), but the reason why most authors put it up there is because they want to warn the readers before they start reading. I did a story without the slash tag in my summery, and I got flamed, which is why I believe that tag is necessary.

Other than that, I keep other warnings within the first chapter in bold, like 'Caution! Coffee hot!' at McDonald's, because there are stupid people out there.
2/25/2009 c3 Dirty Wallpaper
Ah yes, mr flames, he was awesome. unless there's been another one since my time. Glad people are stil writing these improvement essays, it gives me hope...
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