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2/19/2009 c15 47Helizabeth
Well it looks like you've managed 100+ reviews. You can buy a meal in Antarctica. this is really helpful. gracias for making it!
2/18/2009 c5 4Old-Wives-Tale
This is very entertaining and educational if you get through the sarcasm xD Although there are some spelling errors, it's not enough to really distract anyone much. My favorite chapter was definitely this one. I did find the third chapter a little boring, but then again I kept reading, didn't I?
2/13/2009 c11 Need 'n' Know
Lol, when you mentioned "alone in the dark" a while ago, it cracked me up!

Meh, spammers... haven't been that curious to go around look for them. That's scary, what you said about the spammers doing... well, it was something bad. Yeps.

If you really want something done, you'd set the time up to finish it. So if you had really, really want to write that story, you would have. One way or anything. ^o^

A bit more insight about FP.

Yes, that Search Engine irritates me, too. I was looking, looking... nothing.

And "Just In," are you serious... not even with a question mark... are you darn serious with me. *nods*

Need 'n' Know
2/10/2009 c4 10Jeff Evans
Oh well written indeed, I found this was not only easy to go with but luckily very pleasant too. Good job and good luck, you seem to already have both.
2/1/2009 c11 1DrenchedinWine
Haha this "story" really needed to be written. Thanks!
1/30/2009 c1 4uncensored
hahaha brilliant
1/29/2009 c5 Darket
I love it! The bit with AIDS made me crack up, I mean literally crack up. My arms and legs are worn out enough from exercise and now my gut's about to explode. Excellent work, it's no wonder this essay gained 100 reviews in under a week!
1/29/2009 c2 Darket
I'm not able to read much. I mean I just joined the marines so this may be my last bit of free time on here for a while. I liked some of the points you made. I hated getting flamed back in the day but a lot of my newer works from 06 got high reviews with no flames. Another way to get good reviews is review the fuck out of works. Chances are the authors will comeback to read. I'm gonna try and finish this tho.

Oh, in response to your review I'm really happy you liked my essay. I just wanted to try and put an end to all the hysteria surrounding 2012. The but about the asteroid Apophis bothers me because this massive giant is speeding towards Earth and it will be a problem by 2029.

PS: Is that you in the picture on your profile page? If so I wanna say you're pretty fudgin' hot. Add me on myspace or something! Or if your a dude and that's a picture of your gf then never mind, I think your gf is hot!
1/28/2009 c4 Need 'n' Know
You have that sort of humor. Hm, not sure how to describe it... lol. The pyramid scam, sounds interesting. But takes some work, newayz. I'm too lazy.

Heh, when I read the A/N, I hear a different voice in my head than the main body or whatever it's called, lol. Great sound effects. (What the heck am I talking about, you ask? XD)

Need 'n' Know
1/28/2009 c2 Need 'n' Know
Omgosh, that's so wonderful, "elite flamer"? You get a degree for that, where?

You're funny, and straight to the point. I like bluntless, when it's clear. ^_-

Need 'n' Know

Not to review back for reviewing me... but yes, I remember you, unless you don't remember me. It's all good. Thanks, newayz!
1/28/2009 c1 8starlight777
wow people can really take pointers from you :D
1/21/2009 c13 2Abbigail Cross
This story is good for humor and the facts. I like it.

1/19/2009 c13 Thriftstar
This is so refreshing.

I have read this while at work, so my boss shot me some wary glances when I guffawed and somtimes laughed out loud, but what the heck.

I like the style and the humor and I actually recognize myself in some parts.

So no flames, sorry 'bout that :)
1/16/2009 c13 5Ciao.Bella.Soldato
I liked this. You made some very good points, some that I didn't even think about. Poeple should really realize these things, cause I'm sure they're frustrated and don't know why. I'm also frustrated by their ignorance (okay, some are naive and truely just didn't know, but some I just have to wonder what's goint through their heads).

So, thanks for the pointers! Finally someone addressed the crass behavior of FP
1/15/2009 c13 8Written
this essay is at times QUITE funny. I love the snarky parts but it has some genuine tips... things to avoid and all that. thank you for posting this!
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