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8/23/2008 c18 Jane

So it better get happy.

And it better get happy soon.
8/23/2008 c18 1I'm Just Alex


update soon!
8/23/2008 c18 Arrested Smile
love it. :B
8/23/2008 c18 Pop the Bubble
oh noess

oh noess

oh noess :(

You better update quick smart, missy!
8/22/2008 c18 AgonyOfTheHeart
Poor Leah, Poor Tristan, there are both just soo in love but neither wants to admit!

I love this story!
8/22/2008 c18 Twist Their Emotions
Continues to be good.
8/22/2008 c18 7live.in.content
omg, this was soo good! ah, please update soon!
8/22/2008 c18 philosophyonacid
what a bitch! whether i'm talking about tristan or leah is up for grabs. JEEZ! why are they being so dumb-dumb-dumb? they're breaking my heart. I'll have to float off to never-ever-land imagining sunshine and roses until they get together, or else my optimisim will be shattered. hahaha. Update soon please! When I first started reading this story it was kind of a mlahblahah story, just because it seemed like a bit of a cliche plot. But there's a reason why everyone likes cliche plots, right? Haha.:P You're a very talented writer.
8/22/2008 c18 1Writing4Eternity
8/22/2008 c18 2TouchOfChaos
well. it sucks to be leah. update soon.
8/22/2008 c18 Nicola
I can't believe Leah took the money. I'm loving the story by the way. I can't wait for the next chapter:)
8/22/2008 c18 xLittleBlackConverse
you decided to end it THERE? =0

I want Tristan and Leah to make up or whatever. And I want it soon. So could you please update as fast as you can? =)

Love it! xx
8/22/2008 c18 1Jevanminx
No, stupid, idiotic, silly Leah, try harder, she has to make him listen, hehehehe.

8/22/2008 c18 oldie1
Oh, good it'll be happy soon. But that was one depressing update lol :D
8/21/2008 c18 3she gets skills from the pills

i practically cried this was such a sad chapter.

please please please UPDATE SOON

i can bear to have to wait for them to get together again.


it was very beautiful and well written, post SOON lol

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