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for Nobody's Fault But Mine

6/23/2008 c2 Claudia
This story makes me laugh! Update please!
6/23/2008 c12 oldie1
I love it when he calls her Princess. Yeah… specially when he’s teasing :D
6/23/2008 c12 Twist Their Emotions
I like it.:) It's cute, and you're slowing developing your plot/characters. Also, you have very few mechanical errors. Good job!
6/23/2008 c12 31Hopelessly Cliche

Great chapter! LOL, it was funny when she found out about what happened! Update soon! :D


6/23/2008 c12 2Lady of Confusion
6/23/2008 c12 14Fairyworld1217
Oh great chapter! I can't wait for the double date. :)
6/8/2008 c11 3BreatheInSweetness
OMG! I love it so far. I can't wait for the next chapter. EP! SOund like a fan-girl now, must down large amounts of coke-a-cola and find something to destract me.

But! I love it!
6/7/2008 c11 sunflower.kiss
Update soon. I loved that part. Oh, I can't wait to see what happens . . .
6/6/2008 c11 6hellolonely
Yya for Leah and Tristan action! Lmfao, they're so cute around each other haha. I enjoyed this chapter a lot, I had fun reading it. Can't wait to see what they'll both think when they wake up the next morning! :) Update soon xo
6/5/2008 c11 tobslytobby
i absolutely love this story. i love all the characters so much. all of them are so unique and funny. although, i kinda want to know what Leah looks like, just so i can get that metal image in my head. anyways update super soon please.
6/5/2008 c11 2brilliantfusion
6/5/2008 c11 touchofchaos
i thought it was pretty good, but seriously? how in the name of hell can a nipple piercing be hot? i mean it's on your freaking NIPPLE!

hm...i wonder if leah's gonna wake up in the bath tub...oh and another thing, leah didn't exactly have a good reason to 'hate' or 'strongly dislike' tristan at the beginning. i mean sure he made a pass at her but c'mon it was just one tiny comment...

update soon.
6/5/2008 c11 13Turtle Ama
Wow. i loved this chapter! it was amazing! ahh!

keep it up!

Tristan is still freaking hot.
6/5/2008 c11 JadeDream
Go Leah! haha update soon!
6/2/2008 c11 9Stooped
I LOVE THIS! But they aren't gonna sleep together and then really regret it in the morning. Cause then it would be awkward between them. And awkward is... awkward. Anyways. I hope they wake up and don't remember what they did till later. Then GASP! It hits them! Anyways. CONTINUE!
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