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6/2/2008 c11 michelle
good job keep writing
6/2/2008 c11 Kim Bell

I think I kind of like drunk Leah. xD

She's cool that way.

And yeah, I don't know why I (or she for that matter) expected her plan to work. It was really a very shallow plan. Her parents are right, I think.
6/2/2008 c11 superficialSagacity

their plan didn't work at all...

6/2/2008 c11 xLittleBlackConverse
TRISTAN IS SO CUTE! OHMYEFFINGGOD! Haha. I loved this chapter. I drunk Leah is even better than a drunk Bella. Update son. I'm in full suspense and all =]
6/2/2008 c11 oldie1
Great chapter!

I loved these:

“I felt like such a jerk for letting my parents believe that they had done something wrong while raising me”

“I kind of just collapsed to the ground beside him, making enough noise to awake a bear in winter”

How hilarious :D
6/2/2008 c11 Beksky

Loved it. :)

Cant wait for the next chapter.
6/2/2008 c11 3Cinnia Aine
Wow. Post the next chapter soon! :D
6/2/2008 c11 2CarlyJo
I almost want to say uh oh, cause it seems like an uh oh situation, but I'm not going too cause I'm kinda thrilled. Can't wait for more!

6/2/2008 c11 GinzzzRoxxx
Love your slightly weird story.. =D It was hilarious when they were at her parents house hahahahah, great stuff, great stuff !
6/2/2008 c11 3she gets skills from the pills
aw that was a really passionate ending, in fact so much so that i should be rawing instead!

please update soon i cant wait to read more and the name tristan -sigh- does crazy things to me in general!
6/1/2008 c11 5I Murder on Impulse
yay! awsome! update more xx
6/1/2008 c11 1ShatteredBlossom16
that was absolutly F#$%ing awesome! way to go keep up the wirting, your tone and dry humor are wickedly funny and cool. cant wait for the next chappy!
6/1/2008 c11 2Lady of Confusion
haha...i thought her parents were going to make her move back home...lol...anyway UPDATE ASAP!
6/1/2008 c11 insanity-ward
omg! that was so incredibly cute! luved the chapter! absolutely wicked awesome! PLZ UPDATE SOON! =]
6/1/2008 c11 14Fairyworld1217
Aww they're going to end up together. haha. great chapter! Please update soon!
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