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for Nobody's Fault But Mine

4/20/2008 c9 JadeDream
i really like this so far, and i love tristan! update soon! i cant wait to see what her parents do
4/20/2008 c9 7live.in.content
haha, i love the kissing scene, so cute, update soon!
4/20/2008 c9 xXBrandNewXx
Update S00n!

:] haha
4/20/2008 c9 7Riley Hunter
heyz! *waves* entertaining chappie. :) out of curiousity, will this story ever be rated M or will it stay...whatever it is now (T?)

4/20/2008 c9 2Let's Not and Say We Did
ugh. and im saying the words out loud, like in those commercials about texting. man, i love those. anyway, if i must, the story is great, i love it, blah blah blah, just please update soon. gosh. authors are so needy these days for approval. jk. but seriously, please update.
4/13/2008 c8 4RunFree
Good...and i would probably do the same plan as her.
4/12/2008 c8 3SimplySweetnSour
i have like nothing to say except i liked this chapter. sorry! i'm so lame :[
4/11/2008 c8 4meowza

love it.

update soon.
4/8/2008 c8 xEutopiax

Okay. So far, this is one of the most incredible stories that I have EVER read. Emphasis on the 'ever.'

-Characters: I love how you made them so different from each other, so they deal with things in different ways. Their unpredictable, especially Leah. Anyway, if I had to pick a favorite I would have to say Tristan, because he reminds me a lot of one of my friends. Incidentally his name is Tristan as well, hm...LoL.

-Plot: Definitely original, and original not just on this site, but in general, is good. It's what makes the story stick out. I love how you wrote the summary as well, it totally caught my attention, and of course your writing kept it! ^^

-Spelling/Grammar: Congratulations, there are virtually NO errors in your writing. Which is fabulous! I mean you should SEE my work, it's so ridden with errors it makes even ME wonder if I should go down a grade. LoL. The only thing in your entire piece I noticed was in the second chapter where you spelled 'co-workers' as 'co workers' but hey! Typo's happen. ^^

-Style: I love how you have some words in italics to make them stick out, it really works with your writing! ^^

-Dialog: Hmm...if something like this were to happen at my school or something, I think that's exactly how they would talk! It's authentic and I can really picture it.

The only criticism I can really offer you is that while you do make your characters have separate personalities, you also have to make sure not to take them to an extreme. Like with Bella, wouldn't her curiosity be very annoying in real life? I mean sometimes you just want to be left alone.

But it's still your story. ^^

Well, I can't wait to see what will happen next! Good Work! I completely love your story! Well, I'm off to see some more of your writing.

-Kaiyako K.
4/7/2008 c8 Kim Bell
Hehe, I can't wait, this should be exciting.

I think that maybe you should reiterate the reason that Leah's going to try and creep out her parents once in a while, though. I actually don't even know now.

-goes to look-
4/6/2008 c8 xLittleBlackConverse
I liked this chapter, it was awesome. I love it when the main charcters get drunk..don't ask why.

I cannot wait for the next one though, Tristan's going to make her look creepy! Lucky girl..-mutters under breath-

anyway get it out soon okay? I'm impatient and plus, I hate suspense..hah.

4/6/2008 c8 14Fairyworld1217
this was a little funny. I'm so excited for her parent's reactions... :)
4/6/2008 c8 insanity-ward
wicke awsome chapter! dont worry, it was amazing! i hope they kiss again soon! Lol. PLZ UPDATE SOON! =]
4/6/2008 c8 7live.in.content
lol, they both should have a talk about the practice kiss, nice chapter, update soon!
4/6/2008 c8 7Riley Hunter
OMG! I'm not last in the mentioning thank yous! *happy dance* okayz... ummz, so good chappie! and please don't turn Leah into a smoking alcoholic. That would just be a lazy, stupid way to end everything -_-
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