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for Nobody's Fault But Mine

4/6/2008 c8 31Hopelessly Cliche
'Creepily dolled up'...sounds like an oxymoron to me...lol

Great chapter, the Jake/Jason mixup bit was funny!

Update soon! :D
3/28/2008 c7 yourfriendthathasnoacct
Lovely :D
3/28/2008 c7 Jane

3/28/2008 c1 38Kenna-Kat11
Sounds interesting enough to start off with... I feel bad for Leah...what a bad job...haha...Tristan sure didn't make it any easier... in the first chapter i would have liked to know a little bit more about the main character's or at least leah to give the reader something to connect/relate to besides her bad job and dispising the "new employee"

other than that though i didn't see anything wrong or in need of fixing...i would look for grammar mistakes, but thats not my strongest point in writing...haha...i actually need desperate help with it...

anyway...i will continue to read when i get more time

until then...good job

3/28/2008 c2 2Eripaul
Sorry I don't have more time to leave a detailed review here today, but I just wanted to tell you that, though you're a teen in years, your talent rivals that of most of the 'adult' writers I know. Girl, you are god, and I hope that you pursue this ability of yours with a vengeance!
3/27/2008 c7 ConverseKicker16
HAHA! I LOVE IT!. . but at the beggining, it wasnt your best work. . no offense. . .But as we went on-It became AWESOME! lol .. .keep it up! I'm planning on reading your one-shots in the VERY VERY near future!. . (that means this weekend!)Have a oatmeal cookie!-ChelseaXP
3/26/2008 c7 insanity-ward
omg! they finally kiss! aw! that's so way cute! luved the chapter! totally wicked awesome! PLZ UPDATE SOON! =]
3/26/2008 c7 7Riley Hunter
Did I do something wrong? Do you hate me? WHY AM I MENTIONED LAST! Sorry, but I can't STAND to be LAST.

Ahem. COntinuing on...good chappie ;)
3/26/2008 c7 14Fairyworld1217
hahaha oh no! i can't wait to see what happens next!
3/26/2008 c7 7live.in.content
ah, nice, cant wait for the nxt chapter, update soon!
3/26/2008 c7 Kim Bell
You are a cruel and unusual person. :]
3/26/2008 c7 Beksky
Really good chapter :)

Things are going to get interesting :P
3/26/2008 c7 Hopelessly Clueless
Hey, hey, hey,

A sort of late review, at was about 3am over here, but here it is now anyway...

OMG! They kissed! Ooh, she was really kissing him! Ha! Well, this is gonna' get very interesting! lol

Update soon!

Oh and thanks for the review response message thing, I review cos' your stories are AMAZING! So yeah! Toodles! :D
3/25/2008 c7 LethargicLove
Haha, I just wanted to say that I was totally going to bring up the Pete and Kyle mixup fixup conversation, but you mentioned that in your note. I think it's because I noticed the mixup that I found the conversation funny, but I'm sure others will think it was a normal conversation.

As usual in all the pretend-boyfriend cliche stories, the fake couple makes out and enjoys it. The real question, however, is what will their reaction be? Is she going to pretend she didn't enjoy it as much as he did and bluff her way through the lie? Oh, I'm definitely curious. I did love the line about the spiritual health cause I'm quirky like that. I think I'll start writing my favorite line of the chapters down and slight explanations why I like it so much. Would that be considered constructive criticism? Hmm, I don't quite think so. Till the next chapter, then.
3/25/2008 c7 3SimplySweetnSour
i've always wondered why tristen doesn't take offense when leah uses the word "creepy"
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