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for Nobody's Fault But Mine

3/25/2008 c7 4meowza
Oh, my God.

amazing. =D
3/24/2008 c6 19Vinyl Cupcake
Funny chapter!

Tristan reminds me of my one friend Shane- his hair's a different color every week. :b And God, boy is sexy...

Ahem. I mean.. Good chapter!
3/23/2008 c6 LethargicLove
“Oh be reasonable!” Bella exclaimed, “Pete was months ago!”

“Yeah, but every time I think back to Pete, I realize it was all a big waste of time and effort.” I retorted, pushing my untouched cornflakes away.

...But all of a sudden we're talking about Kyle? I'm slightly confused.

Anyway, the story seems pretty interesting so far. I don't know what it is about cliches that I hate/love but sometimes I can't get enough of them, while other times I want to rip my hair out and wince, haha. This, however, is the former. Till chapter 7 then.
3/16/2008 c6 3dontneedyou
I like this story, so please update soon! =]
3/16/2008 c6 philosophyonacid
hahaha. they sound really cute together. you've done a good job with building their relationship; first they're enemies, then they're co-conspirators, then they're kinda friends, then they're friends-who-are-really-friends-but-would-never-say-that-outloud and soon they'll be... hubba hubba ;) haha, good job.
3/15/2008 c6 Kim Bell
Oh my God! He pierced his nipple? Ick!

But I love this more and more with every chapter. Tristan is such a great character. :]
3/15/2008 c6 7live.in.content
haha, that was awesome, shes kinda starting to lyk him, i wish they would just kiss
3/15/2008 c6 ConverseKicker16
HAHA! FUNNY! i LOVED it! good job, good job! i cant wait to see her OUTFIT!lol...but a PINK stud...tisk, tisk, not so bad-ass...lol, anyway! sick job, love the proposition too! have a PB&J!-Chex
3/15/2008 c6 insanity-ward
o Leah! wicked awesome chapter! luved it! PLZ UPDATE SOON! =]
3/15/2008 c6 2into the black
Aww. Leah should've considered a henna. I mean, her parents wouldn't know the difference and it doesn't last forever. But anyways, I wonder how it would feel to get your nipple pierced. Probably hurts more if you're a girl...
3/15/2008 c6 xLittleBlackConverse
OHMYGOD! Tristan got his nipple pierced! that was so funny and unexpected! UPDATE FAST! i love your story and i desperately wish it was complete because well its so much better than my chemistry homework and y'know..it rocks :D

keep it up and keep the updates coming!

3/15/2008 c6 Hopelessly Clueless
Rock on Leah! Oh and Tristan!

Both getting piercings!

Great chapter, update soon! :D
3/15/2008 c6 14Fairyworld1217
OW! haha, I couldn't get my eyebrow pierced even if someone like that forced me to! Haha, continue please.
3/15/2008 c6 7Riley Hunter
I can't WAIT for the next chappie!
3/8/2008 c5 Etah Leurc Sedirp
A tattoo. Cool. Awesome chapter, keep it up. =]
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