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for Nobody's Fault But Mine

3/8/2008 c5 ConverseKicker16
AHH! that was too long! but i still loved it! great job...i think Tristan really does like her...hm...lol, good job! cant wait to see what tatoo she gets! have a brownie!-Chex
3/8/2008 c1 xLittleBlackConverse
this series sounds like fun! i saw the character pics and DAMN! Could Tristan get any HOTTER? lol yeah but Alexis Bledel is perfect for Leah..can wait for the next xhpater..when they start to plan out everything! its gonna be awesome! update soon!

3/7/2008 c5 2into the black
this is very funny! i wanna see if leah actually gets a tattoo. maybe tristan will settle for a henna instead?
3/7/2008 c5 13Turtle Ama
*gasps for air*

omg...Tristan is hot. omg. *pants and drools*

I like this chapter, a tattoo, huh? interesting... XD

3/7/2008 c5 cherrytoppings
Review for chapter 5 !I really don't think that Leah should have a tattoo.Black ,punkish clothes and a new hairstle should probably be enough... or maybe those temporary tattoos(a skull or flame would be great) you know? That would be good.Well buh bye thats all i have to say!
3/6/2008 c5 4meowza
ek. this is good.

the only problem i see is there isn't enough internal dialogue.
3/6/2008 c5 insanity-ward
ah come on Leah! don't smoke! you're putting the cancer stick in your mouth! i really hope it dosn't become a habit for Leah to smoke! and i realy hope she gets Tristan out of it as well! really cute pictures btw, PLZ UPDATE SOON! =]
3/6/2008 c5 superficialSagacity
HAHAHA, Leah is so cool! I HOPE she dyes her hair too! A cool color...m...
3/6/2008 c1 4Moonlit Promise
Hehe, he does sound gay... I like him! : D He's funny. Haha. Interesting story though I wanna know more about that party.
3/6/2008 c5 9Stooped
I love this! I hate Kyle. Hurry with the next chapter!
3/6/2008 c5 3SimplySweetnSour
hahaha tattoo!
3/6/2008 c5 icedfaerie
Great story! I love the plot and the characters..definitely can't wait until the next chapter!
3/6/2008 c5 Kim Bell
Oh God, I would die. Tattoos and cigarettes sound like great things for something this... quick. I mean, cigarettes will lead you to addiction, and tattoos don't come off easily. I wouldn't want to be Leah! :]
3/6/2008 c1 6LadyOfLiterature
“Well, Tristan, do you recall that evening at Jason’s party, what, a couple months ago?” I growled.

“No,” He said, grinning broadly.

“Why not?” I bit out.

“Because I was roaring drunk!” He said merrily, grinning like a little child.


Brilliant stuff - you have a real flair for comedy.

3/5/2008 c4 3BreatheInSweetness
*Can barely breathe* I love it, It's halarious! Continue please.
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