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for Nobody's Fault But Mine

2/6/2008 c2 23Kaede Kitsurani
Cab't wait for more. =)
2/6/2008 c2 7live.in.content
o0o nice story so far, definately got my attention, update soon!
2/6/2008 c2 Etah Leurc Sedirp
Heh heh, nobody likes a cranky leah. Nice. Can't wait for the next chatper.
2/3/2008 c2 8princessbleachhead
aww, bella just trying to be good friend. leah must be careful. good chapter, cant wait for the nxt chapter.
2/3/2008 c2 ConverseKicker16
aww! i loved it! good job! keep it up! im intruged!-chels
2/2/2008 c2 Kim Bell
I like it already. Leah seems pretty cool - and of course, I love Tristan already. :]
2/1/2008 c2 9Stooped
Is like Tristan gonna get jealous? I am totally confused. Anyways. It's a good story and I really want you to update soon!
2/1/2008 c1 ConverseKicker16
HAHA! this is gonna be good! i cant wait to see what happens next! lol...have a piece of Naner bread!-Chels
2/1/2008 c2 1Elegantly Lovelyy
2/1/2008 c2 7Riley Hunter
hm...good chappie. and please, update soon.
2/1/2008 c2 3BreatheInSweetness
Love It. It's funny, You must continue it!
2/1/2008 c2 3Pot
Okay, I know it's unfair to form an opinion so soon, but I don't like this Jake character -innocent smile- Tristan is SO cute. Or he sounds like that anyay. xD
1/31/2008 c1 Desmond Is My Constant
Another story! : )

It's very interesting so far.

And from your description of Tristian, He'd look hot with purple hair. : )
1/30/2008 c1 9Stooped

I really like this. UPDATE QUICKLY!
1/30/2008 c1 Sydney

whered he go?
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