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for Nobody's Fault But Mine

5/18/2009 c22 KyKy
The sharing is for squares and im a circle line is absolutly great! me and my friend use it all the time! haha. love the story!
5/3/2009 c6 TheWriter
piercings, huh? interesting.

piercings aren't that painful. i have four and they didn't hurt at all. i was literally saying, "It's over? Already? Huh?"

i just re-read my review right now and saying four piercings like that sounds pretty hectic. but, no, not really. i just have two on each ear. it's not too flashy.

well, before i went off on my rant, i was about to say that i liked the chapters so far. and tristan isn't really much like edward cullen so im impressed.

great job!
5/3/2009 c2 TheWriter
leah, jacob and bella? isn't this turning into a bit of a twilight remake?

well, i happen to like twilight but im interested in seeing what individuality an author has. i like your writing style and so im hoping edward's and alice's won't be appearing in the story.

well, keep writing... even though you have already finished this story...
3/16/2009 c21 1hostilitywolf
This story is amazing! my friend recommended me to this and i fell in love with it instantly!
3/2/2009 c22 PishPoshPattyCakes

I'm absolutely, positively, one-hundred percent sure that I completely and undeniably LOVE this story and can most undoubtedly re-read this story more than once.

Its been so long since I've read a story I liked this much; no scratch that. I've NEVER liked a story this much.

I don't care that this situation has been played on a million times with the same result. The character development, the writing the feeling the EVERYTHING is unique.
2/27/2009 c22 Hazelnut Romance
at least she got her happy ending!
1/12/2009 c22 xoxo1

One of my fave stories ever! Everything about it was just perfect, really.
1/1/2009 c22 5Fayre Meira
you've got me wanting myself a Tristan! i love this story ;p
12/30/2008 c22 13FM Radio
I was planning on being really annoying and reviewing every chapter with pointless drivel, but i ate them up! I just couldn't stop to review the last four chapters! I love this story, it was amazing!
12/30/2008 c17 FM Radio
12/30/2008 c16 FM Radio
I'm like the worst person ever! Here you reply to my review, and i don't even get a chance to read for like a billion years!
12/26/2008 c22 6light.and.darkness.angel
aw loved it!
12/24/2008 c22 2xitsmeekax03
This was such an awesome story! I loved reading it (which only took about 2 days cause I was so interested in it) && was sad when I finished it. But it was absolutely amazing. The more I read, the more I never wanted to stop.
12/23/2008 c22 DLETE THIS OLD
wow what an awesome story! i had lots of fun reading it :D
12/13/2008 c22 000000001.0

its really very vute!
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