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for Falls Apart

4/7/2008 c8 9BregoBeauty
Yay, new chapter! :-D
3/29/2008 c7 1Don Sullivan
Fascinating so far. Hell, magnifigant. Keep up the good work, ma'am, I can hardly wait for the next chapter.
3/14/2008 c7 Scott Landrie
That was seriously messed up, disturbing, and awesome. =/ I was expecting a graphic account of rape, seemed to be heading there, then she blacked out. Also, I'm fucked up for being pisses at that.
3/10/2008 c7 9BregoBeauty
Yay, new chapter!

Poor Kimmy...she just can't seem to get a break! Chase to the rescue-not! :-D

I'm gonna send you an updated FT soon-I promise! :-D
3/9/2008 c6 Scott Landrie
Wow, I check again and there's four more chapters. Loved it all so far. Why, you might start to be my favorite author. Hope Stephen King doesn't go emo over that.
3/7/2008 c6 BregoBeauty
Yay, another chapter!

Me thinks Dustin's getting more and more obsessed. :-D
3/7/2008 c5 BregoBeauty
Yay, new chapter! Weiss's dream is still kinda creepy, especially after seeing a lot of dead bodies today...

Anyways, great chapter. :-D
3/3/2008 c4 BregoBeauty
Yay, two chaps in a day!

I really love Kim's reactions around Hammond and her thoughts about him. Especially: He looked like the kind of man you would expect to see standing over your bed with knife.

3/3/2008 c3 BregoBeauty
Yay, chappie!

I love how you threw in the Alias references! I could so see Jackson approving of it! (I'm still waiting on getting my boxed set-hopefully this week I'll bid on one on eBay.)

There's so many cute Damion and Kim moments in this chapter!

2/29/2008 c2 BregoBeauty
Yay, I finally reviewed!

Stupid, stupid fire drills, that's all I have to say.

It's great to see Kim's side of the college agruement and how she was going to sneak away (I'm guessing to be with Damion) while Kat and Jackson agrued. :-)

TTY soon!
1/29/2008 c1 BregoBeauty
Ah, don't shun me!

This is an awesome beginning to FA! I'm going to send you the new FT tongiht after I fix the edits in class today. I didn't quite finish chapter 14 and I think I'm going to change the way I have the chapters split up for 13, 14, and 15, but I dunno yet!

Kim and Kat are so funny together. :-D

Talk to you later tonight I hope!

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