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1/4/2009 c2 13blurrylights
Hmm...she's going to get pregnant, isn't she?
1/4/2009 c1 blurrylights
Ohh..this is so good so far! I normally am not really into the entire sports story thing, but I'm excited to read this. :)
1/3/2009 c21 xo.music.xo
loved the story.

it was great =]
12/24/2008 c21 5Fayre Meira
this was a lovely story. definitely has a different theme-background (motocross) from the majority of the stories here on FP. And the way you wrote it - it flowed really well, the characters, the conversations, I honestly can't find a wrong thing about it.

thanks so much for posting this up - it's made my smile :)
12/23/2008 c21 kaw97
I really enjoyed this story and On Any Day. I know next to nothing about motocross and it was very interesting to get into that world a little.

Your writing is very good overall, but there are quite a few errors - mispellings - the kind spell check doesn't catch - like "they're", "their" and "there." Also things like "her" instead of "here" etc. Maybe you can spend a little extra time proofing or get someone to edit for you.

I do have a question about the medical stuff. Is there really a steroid treatment for preemie babies in utero that helps them develop? Just curious. I've had 2 babies and you did a great job on the pregnancy, hospital and birth stuff overall.

Also, I was a little taken back by Dusty's betrayal. It seemed a little out of character - since he was one of the men in Brodie's life that was being protective of her and such a good friend. It seemed like he was a little vindictive - and I couldn't figure out why HE of all people would think she had been with Robert. Maybe I missed something.

Keep writing!
12/16/2008 c21 5randomxash
omg. you know you should become a professional writer because this story blew me away! tehe. i loved it and i loved Tristan & Brodie; tehe. amazing job.

12/10/2008 c21 OoohLookACat
that's such a perfect ending for this

i mean its short

but its perfect

i LOVED it :D

12/10/2008 c21 2book.babe15
loved it!
12/10/2008 c21 1Izzey
this is an awesome chapter. she's pregnant again! yay! please update again soon
12/10/2008 c21 rockfan
Short, sweet and to the point. I love it! Can't wait to read Alex's story, either.

Excellent story! Now that it's finished, I can go back and reread the whole thing.
11/18/2008 c20 4LupusAries
A good ending to the Story, nice to see that robert is out of the picture for good. It has been a nice read thanks for it.
11/18/2008 c20 vio923
I didn't expect that. Glad that everything worked out for them. Can't wait for the EPI.
11/17/2008 c20 1AlexisLovesYou
You should totally write a sequal to this with little Magda all grown up. I really liked you story too, it was different from a lot of the other stuff that I read - and I say that in a good way.
11/17/2008 c20 1Izzey
aw. that's sweet. another fantabulous chapter. please update again soon
11/17/2008 c19 Izzey
awesome chapter as usual. please update again soon!
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