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1/31/2008 c1 2every when
AW. That's adorable. I had a thought like this a couple weeks ago, and I would've been angry if it weren't for the fact that you put it better than I could've.
1/31/2008 c1 1Loca Motion
Of course, it would be nice to know what happens next, but that's not my point. My point is that this is the perfect range one shot. Short, sweet, and well written. Simply as a human being, it's natural to want to know what happens next, bit that would lessen the impact of the ending. Anyway, I really liked it. Good job.
1/31/2008 c1 Sarah Allie
Aw, that was beautiful, good job :)!
1/31/2008 c1 TwinkleHeart
aw so sweet
1/31/2008 c1 4Mark McLaughlin
That's quite sweet and slightly unexpected (though my penname does contain the word "tapeworm").
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