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for It's Been Two Years

3/4/2008 c1 18found.eventually
i stumbled upon this, and found myself hooked to every line, every word. I don't usually read poetry, but this is really good.

It didn't rhyme, there wasn't a lot of fancy vocabulary, but it was there. The emotion was there. And i think that was more than enough.

A friend of mine died, four years back. Sometimes it kills me to think about what an ass she had for a father, who decided to kill all three kids and then commit suicide.
2/20/2008 c1 10nul
I'm sorry. This poem is amazing..i like it! Its very sad and it makes me feel a bit empty and that's a good thing. I rarely show emotion while reading poems/stories but this one triggered a tear. Sorry for your loss.
2/1/2008 c1 2Adis Crow
I know you probably don't want reviews saying things like "OMG that's so sad!11", so I'll just leave it at this: this is worded extremely well, and I feel a little... emptier, after reading it. The words "it's been two years" really stick in my mind.

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