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11/19/2016 c5 spitfire
i love this story!though i do wonder,whats the real color of caelyns hair?and the sex scene,you wrote of contracting and relaxing but nothing of moving together besides when they were making out, is the sex different then usual?
11/19/2016 c4 spitfire
question, what happens to the babies after there born?or will that be answered later?
11/19/2016 c1 spitfire
this is looking good!though daire seems to be in for a tough time with aleksei.
11/30/2014 c32 adeadaccountlol
you just couldn't give caelyn a happy ending? could you?
5/4/2014 c3 Keyata
Aww so sad for daire bad alekisi actually I like him
3/20/2014 c11 jennshar67
I like your writing and creativity but this seems kinda fucked up... just a lot. Props on everything else though.
7/6/2013 c1 Sanluris
I started reading this story on Deviantart. I like this version of the story better; you give a little more information into the history of why people are keeping kids at this Institute, and I love when authors give lots of details.

And now I think I know what bothers me about the story, despite the fact that I like it (you write really well!). I understand that the Bearers and Breeders are dying out, which means the Institute is pressed for time, but still...why do the Institute people take kids to the place to immediately start having children? Wouldn't it be better if the kids were in their twenties, if they had to have children at all? It bothers me that the Intitute is making underage kids have sex and become parents, and such. The Institute people seem a little sick to me. Did you make them like that on purpose, though, to make some point?

I remember that you wrote a warning at the beginning of the story, so I don't have to keep reading if it upsets me, but I've been curious about why the Institute makes young kids have children...and I want to keep reading to see if that's explained. I also really like the characters (even the anti-hero and antagonist ones...well, maybe not the antagonists), especially Daire and Caelyn, so that's another reason why I want to finish the story.

And if the story is called "The Last Bearers", that seems great to me. I take the title to mean that the main characters will someday put an end to the Institute and their crazy shenanigans. Daire and the other kids should just be doing normal teenage stuff, not becoming parents. So I'm all for sticking it to the man.
4/1/2013 c32 vcdwhite
can't you revive Aidan? you know... make it seem like there was a conspiracy or some sort... poor Caelyn...he had a forbidden love, had an asshole for a mate who died and made him sad still and his lover also died... way to go to make the character miserable... T,T
4/1/2013 c10 vcdwhite
hooo... i liked it...never expected that...but loved it!
12/19/2012 c32 7A-Crimson-Memory
Well I must say that I finished this story in 2 days flat! The last time I read something well written was almost a year ago. Granted, I have seven stories open in my tabs and I told myself I'd read these before searching for more and yours was number two out of seven and I just was blown away. I mean, I probably sound like a juvenile dimwit explaining it this way but I love trippy things like this so when I stumbled upon it, I was immediately drawn in. I mean, come on, mpreg, twincest, bearers and breeders forced to be in a facility JUST to reproduce, it was like an early Christmas present to me! :D

I was pretty bummed when Aiden passed away although I felt like something had to interupt the temporary bliss that Caelyn and Aiden were in. As for Bryan's death, I totally didn't see it coming which was good because you kept the story flowing. As for Aleksei, I was totally caught of guard when he started treating Daire like he was his lover; it was about time he treated him kindly. What would have been a better approach and a better development to Aleksei's character is if Aleksei had remained cold and rude to Daire until Daire got raped by Halen and then everything start to unravel. It's just my opinion, I'm in no way belittling your skills because I found this story just absolutely wonderful! I'm obsessed with mpreg and male romance and it's extremely difficult to find good mpreg stories especially on fictionpress since it's usually frowned upon. Well, I think I've wrote enough on this review so I'm going to end it here. :)
12/1/2012 c1 Lunar
Lol, this was pretty good, but the entire time my mind kept jumping back to one thought.
Alcoholics Anonymous.
Haha, get it? AA? Thank heavens for your [i] at the end there though. I knew it didn't actually stand for Alcoholics Anonymous, but the explanation put my overactive brain at rest. ;)
12/16/2011 c4 2Apomaro-Mellow
W00t! Go Daire! Show Aleksei who's the boss!
12/15/2011 c2 Apomaro-Mellow
This is a pretty interesting premise!
12/9/2011 c32 39Raaawr Ima Dinosaur
This story was, and pardon my french, fucking brilliant. It has to be THE best story I have ever read on this site and I've read a lot. I love how yo brought this world to life and explained their history and how Hayden and Harou (is that spelt right?) began to repopulate earth. I was totally drawn into this that I read it all night non-stop! Fantastic job on this! First thing tomorrow I'm going to read the rewrite of The last bearers (totally saw it on your profile) and then Dark Angel (so excited!) have you ever thought of publishing? (well after your rewrite since you've started) I reckon it would have potential and I would totally buy it. It would be a change from all these vampire and fallen angel books. anyways, once more, amazing job on this! I really enjoyed it :D
11/28/2011 c16 1Madam Vendetta
AH! So they ARE going to get way from the institute!
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