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for A Teenager? Already?

8/12/2009 c9 11morticiansdaughter13
ok...its sort of a suckish ending. i loved it...but i HATE the ending. no offense tho...i really do like it...but u could've explained more about EVERYTHING u know? well...okay
5/15/2008 c9 6Meghyn
hm i thought that the story was going good...but then the last chapter was just like *BAM* done, over, unrealistic. i think you were just too quick to finish it...
5/3/2008 c4 55StradiNette
I thought the story was going alright up until the end of this chatper.

You change it too abruptly and it doesn't even seem real.
3/27/2008 c7 yayawhynot89
I like Dean :) lol hm I wonder if there will be a threesom with Dean,Trisha, and Myra
3/26/2008 c7 1miki248
wow 0_0 how could please dont get her pregnant um how about she says no then he falls for her twice as hard?
3/26/2008 c7 Cynically In Love
Whoa! Lovely chapter! Dean and Myra seem like a cute couple! Update soon!
3/9/2008 c6 2Classychik
update soon, i lyked it
3/1/2008 c5 Cynically In Love
Hahahaha...lovely chapter! Can't wait for the next! Update!
2/29/2008 c4 Cynically In Love
...Wow...That's just sad. A slap in the face by your own father. That's proably one of the most painful thing that could happen to a girl. My gosh...you NEED to update soon.
2/9/2008 c2 Cynically In Love
Cute story! I liked Chapter 2 where Tisha "reunites" with her boyfriend! LOL! I'm still laughing! It's a great story so far! Update soon!
2/6/2008 c1 Bazooka Joy
Aww Myra seems SO shy. And I wonder why Dean is being so nice to her. He couldn't actually *gasp* be interested in her! But yeah...I like these types of stories. Keep writing, girl.

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