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7/16/2010 c1 16mizgardenia21
Being proposed to on Vday is pretty unoriginal I agree...and this one shot is pretty cool. I liked it.
7/9/2010 c1 1MusicJunkie11
I loved this. I didn't realize that there were no names of the characters until I read your comment at the bottom.
7/2/2010 c1 7Sunshine Bear
This is a good story and all... but should I be concerned about you talking to the radio?
6/5/2010 c1 yuanyuan
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5/12/2010 c1 happy-drizzle
AW! I wish there was another way to express my violent affection for this one shot! SO SO CUTE! Made me feel all fuzzy inside! sigh! :)
5/9/2010 c1 The Latest Plague signed off
very cute!
4/19/2010 c1 TasteYourSins
I agree with the naming the characters thing. Sometimes the names you try to think of just don't fit them. :/

ANYWAY. This is so cute! Aww. :D
1/30/2010 c1 4the rational hedgehog
Wow, this was awesome. The dialogue sucked me in, and I could imagine it even though there wasn't much description. The only thing I was a little confused about was when the dude near the end brought the girl flowers.

Not naming the characters...I should try that sometime. :D
1/19/2010 c1 Kirhava
Usually I don't go for one shots, but I fell in love with this one!
1/15/2010 c1 5AmandaHold
I really liked this story. I liked how it was written and the characters. I wouldn't want to be proposed to on Valentine's day either, but I think the right amount of cheesy is cute ;) if the timing fits. Because in reality, like you said, chocolate doesn't fix everything.
5/24/2009 c1 5annoyance
Loved it!
3/29/2009 c1 Kjersti
Aw. That was so sweet. :) Good story!
10/27/2008 c1 13blurrylights
That was awesome. And yes, it is easier when there are no names. Also, I agree with you. Being proposed to on Valentine's Day? How tacky...it's so weird, I say that all the time. That things are tacky and gross. I think the female main character and I have a ton in common. :)

Back to the review...

It was really well written, and I enjoyed it a lot. Good job!
10/2/2008 c1 2Jai Yukimura
i love it and i can put my best friend and her crush in this situation...mwuhahaha i need her to read this...
9/13/2008 c1 Green Eyed Angel
Yeah, I wouldn't like to be proposed on Valentine's day. It's so uncreative, it almost comes naturally without any effort. I would like someone to propose to me in some creatie way. I mean, man, you wanna marry me, then please show me that you care, ok? Do something creaative! Anyway, I really liked the story, though I'd rather you name your charactes. It's more fun that way, I think. Anyway, I favorited this story, it was that good. So be honoured! Yeah. That's all I wanted to say. Oh right, what do YOU think would be a creative way to propose?
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