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for Loo Kem Ya

1/14/2011 c1 akisura12
Wow, um . That made me gt a lump in my throat I didn't expect...Really brilliant work.
4/15/2009 c1 23Jem the writer
This was so sad! It was beautifully written; I loved how Katie was so innocent and cute, and not knowing what was happening; it just made it all the more poignant.

A very touching piece. I really liked it =]

2/10/2008 c1 21so i sing to the stars
Aw. D: This was well-written and one of those rare instances in which one or two sentence paragraphs add to a story's message, rather than detract from it.

Minor criticisms...hmm. I'm pretty sure five year olds know what telephones and doctors are. The whole duck-tor thing was cute, but really, kindergarteners are definitely old enough to know what those two things are; now that I think about it, they would know what hospitals are as well. And heaven - well, possibly. In my opinion, keeping it at loo-kem-ya would have been best, but what you did wasn't horrible by any means. :^)

In addition (this being a purely opinionated nitpick), would parents really tell their dying child that she would be leaving? I'm honestly not sure. I mean, I guess it depends on the religiousness of the family...but whatever. I'm reading way too far into it, sorry. xP

Despite all those insignificant nitpicks, I really did enjoy this story. Very cute, very touching, and unfortunately a real-life issue.
2/10/2008 c1 rockonztar
Well, first of all, all I can say is that the reader can definately feel for Katie and her battle with leukemia. It's nicely written with only a minor grammatical error here and there. Otherwise it's a sad yet sweet story. Nice job.

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