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7/18/2011 c10 Ricard Falos
I loved it hehe, storm and erin and damon and tori they were adorable. I love the sarcasm and the naughty innuendos, overall i say it was a good read though I do think you kind of went to far in too quick. Wasn't much relationship building but nonetheless I still loved it :) can't wait to read damons part
10/11/2009 c10 2DianaSweetie
I love ur story it's so ... Idk , but it's great I love it!

Storm is great I love him, he's so sweet and manly

At the same time.LOL! Erin is great to she's a sweetie.

Oh! I also LOVE Ven! He's a cutie pie. Hahahaha.
7/29/2009 c10 3I'm-The-Weird-Girl
wow that really was as corny as hell

but i guess that's y i read it


awesome story though!
1/28/2009 c10 blackrainb0ws
Haha! OMFG! Short and sweet story! Lovedd it
12/14/2008 c10 4Kimera77
Okay. A lot to say. First: plot. You should define more the climax and the plot in general. It kind of a whatever-happen-happens-story. Second: development. At first, it gives the impression the story is going to have a long development, and when it ends, the reader gets the feeling the story was rush, and didn't reach its full potential. Third: You could give a little more insight of the characters. Even if the do have a story, one doesn't feel completely connected. Plus, you should really warn when the POV's change. It's kind of confusing, and it takes out a lot of the story. I liked the story, but I feel it could be so much better with a good revision and more planing. But, anyway, Keep it up!
10/28/2008 c10 7MyDecoy

even though,

loved it =)
9/22/2008 c1 sally scribe

i love your story

it's an amazing idea.

now...for my critisms...love the idea but it got confused whose pov you were talking in. i advice you to pick one, be netral with no pov at all, or write who's pov you are talking in.

your story is really good, this version should serve as a rough draft and template for further reference as you rewrite and make this story more real. be a writer. take that extra mile to describe. we love details!

9/9/2008 c10 Elodie Wolfe
two things

stake=steak or did he actually eat wood?

wow that sounds wrong


LOVED IT, loved the idea, I want Storm, or like when Ven grows up, and like you are AMAZING, new favorite author, and I only like five or six of my 16 favs so yah. Can't wait for more,



(do you have a myspace?)
7/3/2008 c10 BlossomTabz
it was corny but cute at the same time...loved it...may read the other one if i dont get to addicted to the sims...again:p
6/2/2008 c1 1TC the terminator
Great story wolfeh!

6/2/2008 c10 11dreamercrys
Woohoo...evil bad guy is dead. Can't wait to see what happens next...
3/19/2008 c6 1crazylady4
i love this please update soon. Storm is brilliant!
3/15/2008 c6 5ByTheMoonlight
oh! I can't wait to read the next chapter Wolfie! ^^
3/15/2008 c1 2MyWandIsHappyToSeeYou
I love this! Very oridional! :) Nice work!
2/25/2008 c5 5ByTheMoonlight
Oh! I liked it Wolfie! x3 I liketh Ven! He's funny!
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