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7/20/2009 c29 56felicia13
I really love this. "too beautiful, i want to be one / with nature" and "she wants me, too" are excellent.

This isn't really wind, is it? I mean, there's no wind in it... unless that's what you were planning for later on in the poem.

Honestly, I think I might like these unfinished bits more than some poems... there's the promise of more which, even though it will stay unfulfilled, makes it that much more exciting...

Or perhaps I'm just weird.

6/14/2009 c30 38Thoth Tarot
nice little collections makes me feel like doing one myself.

i will proceed to read more!
6/6/2009 c30 1k+Faithless Juliet
Finding happiness in the was, and the wasn't.

The what could, and what could not have been. Keep up the good work.

Much love,

6/5/2009 c30 Isca
That's beautiful. It's unrequited love, but the speaker still smiles. How lovely. :)
5/17/2009 c29 Isca
I like that you personified nature as a female and that the speaker was attracted to her. The simile at the end is nice. :)
5/17/2009 c25 Faithless Juliet
Is wanting a selfish act? Or is it a selfless act?
5/17/2009 c8 Faithless Juliet
There's something very idealistic about peopl who keep statues of idols.

I know someone who has a desk full of David statues, there's about 5 of them, all different sizes and colors.

Much love,

5/17/2009 c29 Faithless Juliet
As is it's nice, but there is something wanting, I feel like it needs more, but in parr with your authors note it makes sence that it's an isolated snipet of poetry. Keep up the good work.

Much love,

5/17/2009 c28 Faithless Juliet
Very nice.
5/1/2009 c28 56felicia13
Yay ocean! I wish there were more of this, because I need some good nature poems right now... and I like this beginning. Maybe I'll browse around some more...

Thanks for being awesome!

5/1/2009 c27 felicia13
Yeah... people don't really know. I know that I need to read more 'real' poets. My scope is the stuff in my poetry book and what I've seen in class. I feel bad, but... I wasn't really into poetry before, you know? Now I'm warming up to it more as a reader than as a modern writer. But I should probably try more of the writing part, too.

Anyway, it's hard to do anything like this without becoming preachy. But the note was enlightening.

5/1/2009 c26 felicia13
Well, I liked how it started. "she sank in mud puddles, in water / to her ankles" is my favorite part. The end just gets a little iffy for me. I don't know...

The title's fun, too. I didn't know puddle could be used like that. ;)

5/1/2009 c25 felicia13
... well, it's probably a good thing this ended here. It feels like a whole poem, not an excerpt or anything. I guess it could be an ending, but I do like it as is.

"eyes / flickering fear, bright / blue worry as his green / flashes only selfish / want." Great lines.

5/1/2009 c24 felicia13
"outer space / in orbit" is an interesting thought.

From this short bit, I can't tell where you were going, but it's nice so far. We're covering all my favorite topics today. Weather, astronomy... what next-creative writing poems? =)

5/1/2009 c23 felicia13
"weather, man" is an interesting thought. I might even steal it and use it... I really like weather poems. And, actually, weather period. So this tickles me, if only for that reason.

The transition between switching temps to drawing in the margins was a little awkward, but I like this.

"but i'll never see the plants appear in the front / yard of my wisconsin home" Lovely.

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