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for monkey tricks

4/18/2009 c22 56felicia13
I like this, but I feel like something's missing. It's hurrying through this bowling process and I think it would be better depicted if it slowed down and let everything unfold one at a time.

"special spin on her special / throw will knock down - ten / or less, more likely a split" I love that part.

4/18/2009 c21 felicia13
"nothing / to suggest i can move." Really great. I love this image and all the things it suggests without even saying a word.

If a picture's worth a thousand words, how much is a poem worth? It's got to be more, hasn't it? Poetry's so much better than silly old canvas to tell a story.

4/18/2009 c20 felicia13
Wow. This feels like rushing through thoughts. I really love that. Great start, too. "her head floats like a waterfall, / all wet and wondrous, so blue / in this white white world." Really lovely.

This is the kind of imagery that I've come to love about your style. Even a too-long hiatus can't let me forget my envy.

4/18/2009 c19 felicia13
Eh. I'm not really feeling these 4 lines. They're just kind of... eh.


p.s. Hi! It's been a while. I hope you're well.
3/7/2009 c28 174noctema
i can't believe i haven't reviewed this before.

your poems are so beautiful.

i love this one especially.
2/27/2009 c23 1S.L. Gunn
i'd just like to say that i am a fellow Wisconsonite

...and i am TIRED of the freezing whiteness and wind!

...by the way, i'm having fun reading these little tidbits
9/15/2008 c21 Tytherpol

you make me smile lots and lots
9/2/2008 c20 8fractured sky blue
makes me think of a writer reckless with her inspiration. lovely :)
8/31/2008 c20 Ernest Bloom
"breaking through the dam": very nice.
8/31/2008 c20 Tytherpol
aww this collection is really nice


i like the idea of the dam

and the sly pun it is
8/22/2008 c19 24ilovetheopera
is this

an euphemism

8/22/2008 c14 ilovetheopera
this could totally be a standalone poem on its own. second verse (specifically last three lines) was a bit incongruent with the rest of it though.
8/6/2008 c10 233siphoned afterglow
These are wonderful. My favorite would be the first piece here-home. Nothing like home is there? That was really an outstanding piece. i love that you're doing a series like this. i've also started doing a series of unfinished work recently.

anyway, i also love the being loud piece. i've never read a poem with the word onomatopoeia, haha.

I haven't read all the pieces here but i sure will when i get more time.

and i'll put this on my alert.
3/6/2008 c18 56felicia13
3am just makes my head hurt.

I'm not really feeling this one so much. It's more like a pretty thought than the beginning of anything. Nothing wrong with those, just... they don't make the best poetry.

There's not a lot to say, really. Bye.

3/3/2008 c10 24ilovetheopera
the entire poem feels shy. this is brilliant, relates very well to the title. i like the last three lines- how the boy could bring out her joy. very simple and sweet, i love it.
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