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12/28/2009 c15 5jlhc
Always love chapters with detail. This one was exciting! :P
12/21/2009 c14 Yomic
Very interesting! You tend to write yourself into all of your characters. You did that to me as well. Not knowing my whole true nature you did quite well for my characteristics despite adding your own personality to mine. I enjoyed it very much :).

Note: Nowadays I'd moreso be questioning the morality of using magic IRL as a Catholic, and thanking God for the gift, as well as asking Him for guidance and further power if necessary. St. Michael be my sword! ;))
10/1/2009 c13 2Casey Drake
-snerk- He has a gift for succinct situational summary.

This is pure awesome.

6/22/2009 c13 Yomic
Really liking this so far. Can't wait to be using some magic. Let me know if you need help with my character... Or rather me. I sent a text about it earlier. Email me or IM me or something if you didn't get that or need further insight. Great stuff so far! Write more! がんばってよ。
11/23/2008 c12 Casey Drake
-grinning- Awesome as usual. The collar got turned back on somehow, right?

:) CD
11/23/2008 c1 DA-Amanda
Hey you! Yes, you there, the author.

Really funny, humorous, and I love sarcasm or anything related so...

Pretty good, I've read chapter 2 as well but I prefer the first chappie...
10/25/2008 c11 1Erin A. Schauss
I love this! Your writing style really grabs hold of my imagination... and the topic of this story is the sort of thing I've daydreamed about plenty of times - what author wouldn't love to meet their characters? (well, the nice ones, at least). I'm having a little trouble sorting out who's from which story, but I guess that's easily remedied by going and reading them. I really badly want to read Reda's story now though, and I don't think I've seen it on your account. Oh - and if your little brother would seriously react like that after suddenly seeing monsters and growing a tail, tell him he's awesome. I'd certainly be giving the same 'what the?' reaction as you.

Keep it up! I'm eagerly awaiting more.
10/21/2008 c11 Casey Drake
OOH that's a slippery promise, sir Dark Destroyer.

=D GOSH I love this story. More and more with every chapter. -rubs hands in anticipation-

10/21/2008 c11 5jlhc
Gah! I lost the game too! :'(

I really liked this chapter, more info about plot. Woot. The whole part about controlling your dreams better...glad it fell to you! I like how you make plenty of cool-looking 'nonhelpful' charries. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Hm.

“The Author holds our memories. Whatever happens to us, we will never die as long as the Author lives to write. If we are written, we never die. For the sake of her world, for the sake of her life, I will give up everything.”

I think that's one of my favorite lines you have yet to written. Keep them coming.
10/6/2008 c10 2Casey Drake
This just keeps getting better and -better!-

-evil handrub- neeheehee

10/6/2008 c10 5jlhc
*tilts head* ...Brian leading space ships. Yay for more turning events! And poor Kisses.
9/30/2008 c9 jlhc
Wulfcon? Wulfcon! Wot!~!~!~! *hops up & down in excitement. I was incorporated into a story and dealing with wolfys! *dies* Yay for this story, work on Thief's Tale as well. Very very awesome.
9/29/2008 c1 Nethus
:: Insert review of awesome stuff here ::
9/28/2008 c9 2Casey Drake
GYEE! Okay, please pardon while I go absolutely insane over this story... =D You keep putting in awesome bombshell twists!

9/24/2008 c8 Casey Drake
Oh. Crap.

Oh HOLY crap. -laughing- I should have expected that! -seriously cracking up-

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