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6/10/2009 c29 2strawberry.cheesecake
wow! congratulations on being a published author. :D
5/9/2009 c11 Joey
His name isn't Jonathan Stathom its Jason Statham.

I like your story so far but if you are going to write a story with real celebrities in it, make sure to get the simple facts, like names right.

I like your writing style, its easy to read and it draws interest, anyway, back to reading..

4/29/2009 c28 7MyDecoy
Great Story !
4/15/2009 c28 6jayniee
Great story! Can't wait for your book to come out. :D
4/9/2009 c2 sel
its spelled Tatum Channing
3/13/2009 c28 5I Murder on Impulse
Fantastic story!

3/1/2009 c28 aMaNda
I love this story! can you do a one-shot epilogue or something like that because I really want to know what happens to them :)
11/7/2008 c2 dramaqueen89
Isn't it Channing Tatum?

And this story kinda reminds me of the book "AU pairs".

So far, so good :)
8/13/2008 c18 6songforsummer
I love this story..I'm leaning towards the Sam part of the story with Jayla in second. Allie is definitely interesting, but I have more incommon with the other two girls. I think that's why your story is such a success. It can reach any girl.. I noticed that You used Greg instead of Jon in this chapter in the line "Greg looked at her for a moment"

Keep writing these fantastic stories.. and I'll keep an eye out for your book that's coming out.

~ Sarah
5/24/2008 c28 mia
I love this story!
4/11/2008 c1 9TuneOut
I really did enjoy your story. I liked the character growth you put all three of the girls through and I liked that you fleshed them out, made them seem authentic. I had a couple quibbles with your story such as the ending. I especially did not like it. I just felt like with such a high drama story, it should have gone out with a band rather than how it did. It wrapped up way too quickly, and honestly, it was not believable the way Sam and Greg got together. Last time we saw them, they were obviously hurt and had to get past alot. It just does not seem like they would get over it in 15 minutes.

Also, throughout the story, I never really got the sense that the girls were close. I know they spoke a couple of times all throughout but for some reason at the end when all three are acting like best friends, my mind just goes "huh?"

All in all, I did like reading it but you did have some flaws.

I hope that you do eventually end up getting published.
3/30/2008 c28 courtney
aw im sad its over! but this had to be one of the best stories i've read so far. amazing job!
3/30/2008 c28 6evilpenguinofdoom
I am utterly speechless. This is probably the best story that I've read on here. Even though it is a little tacky :P
3/29/2008 c28 170.0 NightRiders 0.0
you are an awesome writer, and this is an awesome story, all except the ending. Is this it? you completely changes youre writing style and the time span. It seemed too rushed. There should be an epilogue or something - most definitely a sequel. I'll look forward to it.


3/28/2008 c28 Jessica
It seemed like you had rushed the ending. i did not really like it.

By the time i reached the end i was like "that's it!" i am glad that sam and greg made up. yay! happy ending!
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