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7/13/2009 c5 Alexandra Paige
I really like the plot of this story! :)

Your doing a great job and I hope you take it off of hiatus soon.

7/11/2008 c5 26Melladonna
Funny, I have a friend named Cassandra that I call Cassie all of the time, lol. Anyway, it's a little sad that I have to wait a while for the next chapter, since you're going on hiatus but it'll be worth it to get something developed. It's always good to make something that you're sure the fans will like other then just throwing crap out there for the sake of reviews like other writers do around here.

I can't tell you how many times I've ran across someone who posted a story saying 'if I get this many reviews I'll updat'

I hope you come back soon, I definitely look forward to reading more of this story.
7/11/2008 c4 Melladonna
So sorry that I'm late on reviewing. I've been buried in projects lately because I decided to post chapter 1 of nearly every story that I had written. I figured I'll update them if I get new reviewers on them.

I'm glad to finally be reading this story again, I've missed it.

Seth is definitely my favorite character. He's so entertaining. I like how everything is coming together and her relationship with Evan is developing slowly, even if she is cynical towards him.

Well, I'm off to read the next chapter. Sorry for keeping you waiting.
7/3/2008 c5 beautifully.malevolent

You're back! Yay! -even if its just for a moment-

'S? GAWD! 8D you can't help but love Seth for it, he's entertaining.

You've found a beta? Thts really great, i need to find mehself one... so hard to find one thts consistent.

Glad to hear tht you haven't given up on this story, i was kinda getting antsy cuase i haven't heard a peep from you in a while... (likewise for meh, i kno ;.;)

Hope everything works out!



Also, im still wondering about how the title works with the story... -wanders off as she ponders-
6/30/2008 c5 6givelifeyurall

this story is amazing.

aw man i hope you can update soon.

her cynical attitude towards evans

kinda annooyed me, but

her friend cassie is right, its her defense mechanism.

i want to see evans and angie together
6/12/2008 c4 9emilybh
I love it! This has the makings of a good story!

Update soon!
6/10/2008 c1 24Limited Edition
I like the characters! They're very alive and genuine. The dialogue is the strongest point of this story perhaps because it's realistic. The weakest point...hm...I think it's that there is no reason given for the reader to read past the first sentence. Altogether this is a very sweet piece. Good job!
4/7/2008 c4 3Duuude
Mhm. I like where this is going so far. White hair, eh? That's actually pretty cool. No one seems to be shocked about it... I thought Seth would ask at least. . . Maybe he doesn't care. XD

Anyway. A bet hey? I've always liked stories with bets. I'm guessing he's going to win and she`ll have to be permanently attached to him... cause the romance is obviously going to happen between them. And that can`t happen if they`re avoiding one another. Or they could get together before either of the two give in...

I`m not sure. But I`ll be waiting for you to finish! Nice story, pretty interesting.

p.s. never heard of Deep Purple... Are they good.. Maybe I`ll check em out. =D
4/7/2008 c4 2astrum

She's in trouble now!

Update soon.

Yo me gusta!
4/6/2008 c4 1Aruru
This is a super-amazing story. I love it. =]]

- Tied-Up Dog
4/5/2008 c3 26Melladonna
I love the beginning song you have there. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers is one of my favorite bands. My favorite songs they sing are Last Dance, Free Falling and Born to Be Wild ^_^

Hm...Maybe you could use Last dance somewhere if I ask really nicely as a request. Eh but you probably already know what you're going to use. XP

I didn't get an update alert for some reason even though I asked the damned thing to put you on alerts and it SAID that it did but it lied so I shall do it again.

I understand about not being able to read Sacrifice a lot of my reviewers seem to be busy so I'm not offended at it and you weren't harsh on me for my last chapter of Fractured Reflections because I wrote it half asleep. I did some revising but I just went back to reading it again yesterday and found even MORE mistakes The work is never done, I tell you!

I didn't update last week so I'm behind on all sorts of stuff. I just updated Fractured Reflections though. Didn't edit it yet so there may be some mistakes.

I really like how you're building up things in this chapter. It's definitely just as good as Lethal Trust even if it isn't in the manga section. I'm quite the fan of yours!
3/9/2008 c3 2astrum
I like this a lot.

I think you should update very soon and continue on with this very very great story. :)
3/2/2008 c2 26Melladonna
Lol, after my sloppiness of Fractured Reflections you have no right to call this sloppy. It looks good compared to my stuff. I've been updating Sacrifice steadily as always.

Anyway on to your actual story. It's definitely getting interesting and I don't think it's sloppy at all. You're doing a good job!
3/1/2008 c2 H i b o u P i e
-bows really low-

AH! Gomen ne... im sorry for reviewing so late... school has been hectic and I read this a while back but never got the chance to review! -don't hit me-

0.o omg, more crack! YAY! A_A im exstatic! -.-" oh you little tease... i thought i'd finally meet the person who'd drive her crazy... but no... T_T cheater.

Can't wait for MORE! I already feel sorry for her, and potentially him if i kno your writing well enough... 0x0 calm down there little buddy, you're in for a hell of a ride, ne?

- Your faithful reader,

2/24/2008 c2 Arabella Smith
I love love love it.

Very good.

Update soon!
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