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5/11/2008 c1 114Mourning Sickness
The last line is a razor in a rainstorm.
2/17/2008 c1 1Kevin Miles
Often when Lover loves, it is love's own fault, but Lover is often held to call for the fault of love. Sometimes, however, the demons and faults of love are the faults of Lover, other times, they are created by Lover's lover. Demons run through the course of love and light, the point of them being thus: it takes two to kill them. When Lover falls for the tricks of love, the demons are from their cages freed and free they stay until either Lover accepts defeat or Lover's lover comes to save.

Excellent poem. My favorite line is "Flickers dance with embers chastise."

Whether you know what you are saying or not, keep up the work!

~Keep your pen sharp and your mind sharper. Know when and how to use them for they are weapons as deadly as any other made by man.

~Leafeus Agamemnon

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