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for Byron and Saph

10/30/2011 c2 blythely
i like how you've created a multicultural couple although race wasn't a predominant issue addressed in the story. saph and byron are such different people and despite the happy ending, i can't help but wonder how what'll take place beyond the last paragraph. is byron going to quit school? how will saph deal?
4/18/2011 c2 2elma
I empathise with her drive. To an extent. Like I used to but I think I lost it somewhere in the ocean of insecurity LOL ... so that made me like her :D and she's so straight-forward.. Worked out her feelings and acted on them so easily! and byron, I first categorized him as a surfer, but I see I was wrong. He was just... so nice. Nothing against surfers, but I don't expect them to pull lines like "I like you too much to ask you to be with me if you don't want to." So I liked it :)

best of luck with all of your studies!
7/29/2010 c1 entertwiningvines
good story, detailed and funny. well written. the ending seemed a little rushed. but i liked it. it made me smile :)
12/5/2009 c2 2me. yes. me
I loved this like, a lot XD I'm an Indian -in India- so I could totally relate to the parents thing and everything about Saph and Byron was really sweet ;) I'm still reading Waiting on the World.. but I randomly clicked on this story in the middle and couldn't stop! Favourite-ing it xD
12/5/2009 c1 me. yes. me
“no the Ganesh! Put it down! No, it is not an elephant man you dickhead!”

Haha. Cracked me up! I love this ;) Saph and Byron sound so amazing together!
6/30/2009 c2 class.act
I really, really liked this. The second chapter more than the first. I'm an Indian too -living in India, though- and I totally get Saph and her insecurities. I was actually horrified when Byron mentioned dropping out, and then Saph was too! It was crazy. And the why-parents-are-still-together, totally true. Have wondered that myself so many times.

I really enjoyed your writing, and the humour, and the simpleness. I liked that this was so free of unnecessary drama. Basically, I loved it :)
3/3/2009 c2 8Written
the strawberry plant part is probably one of the sweetest things I'v ever read, especially when her brother waters it for her. :( so cute!

ah, I often worry about bringing a white boy home to my parents, because I know how hard it would be for them. my mother once said that if I do, he's better be worth it. haha.

I like the conversation they had with their parents though. low drama.

ooh, I love how you show how different they are, when he's telling her about dropping out of uni. and it's realistic that they fight, because they are so different, but I love that they can overcome that and be together :)

insightful and sweet. well done!
3/3/2009 c1 Written
haha, wow, I loved this. it's very cute. you wouldn't think that byron and saph would get along, but they do and it works.

there were a few lines that I really loved, because they reminded me of my life:

(So she thinks studying is important and she has her life on a planner. She’s the only daughter of an immigrant Indian family- to be driven to succeed is a card that has been dealt to her before birth.)


and haha, ganesh!

also, "was your dance orgasmic" was one of the best lines :) and people can't see me blush either... I never really thought of it as a good thing, because I never really thought about it, except for one time, when I asked my mom why she blushed and I didn't and she was like "IT IS BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT VERY FAIR, MY DAUGHTER."

haha. I was like five years old and had no idea what that meant.

anyway, I like how they both seem like real, developed people. byron is so hilarious.

and of course, I love reading about bengalis... haha.
8/28/2008 c2 Kjersti
I love the Byron and Saph-stories. They're so incredibly cute. And the line "I like you too much to ask you to be with me if you don't want to" was just... great. Absolutely wonderful.

Anyway - very sweet story. I loved it. Good luck with your assignments! ;)
8/28/2008 c2 27why can't I just be tall
Aw that is so cute and sweet and well I loved it, it makes me want to go find my boy friend and just hold him for a while. this this really is a lovely and yet deep and insightful picture of a relationship that is very believable, well done.
8/22/2008 c1 7awaiting.rain
that was cute, and well written.

' So she thinks studying is important and she has her life on a planner. She’s the only daughter of an immigrant Indian family- to be driven to succeed is a card that has been dealt to her before birth. '

you've pretty much described my entire life in two sentences.
4/6/2008 c1 9Lily Llynn
Really cliche and kinda random but actually quite creative. Definitely funny, and a pretty well-written oneshot. Me likey. (: I'm very glad woodstock1969 added this to our c2! (:
2/24/2008 c1 2mia5081
It was definitely original, and Byron made me laugh. So did Shonar, with the elephant man comment lol

Loved it :D

2/24/2008 c1 Kjersti
Aw! That was awfully cute. I loved it. :) It was like a little window into someone's lives - you could've written a long story about them as well, I think. But it was brilliant as a short story. Good work! :)
2/24/2008 c1 1Joseph-Dreamer
Great story. I thought it was really funny! You're a good writer, and the story was cute. I don't know what you usually write, but you defenitly have a talent for this.

Jo x
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