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for Byron and Saph

2/23/2008 c1 12Kurt Wagner
hee hee.

this was cute.
2/23/2008 c1 1Jevanminx
HAHAHAHAHA I loved that, it was a great plot line and it all followed through nicely. So good, Mr Brightside is definitly orgasmic.

2/20/2008 c1 addicted2storiz
First off, I do have an account here... it just won't let me log on :(

Ok, so the entire time I was reading this, I was like, "now why does Shonar sound familiar?" until the end. I'm Indian and my family (not so much me) speaks Bengali... Honestly when you first described Shane, it reminded me of who I try to be as well as another friend of mine. As for the thing about how being a first generation Indian basically means you have to study and care and whatnot - SO true. I suppose I could continue waxing on about how you must somehow Asian yourself since I see no other reason why you would know Bengali, and on how I was pleasantly surprised by their nationality and whatnot but I'll stop here.

As for the story, I quite liked it. Your descriptions were interesting and not too drawn out, and I can perfectly picture the scenes. I found your idea of getting things thrown at the protagonist rather intriguing, and while I'm not Hindu, I couldn't help but laugh at the line about Ganesh...
2/20/2008 c1 spring
orgasmic? okaay, not going to ask. but seriously great!
2/20/2008 c1 10Hell's first Icicle
just to prove that i don't lurk ALL the time... xD

-loved- the story. 5 thumbs up! (with the possible help of much much surgery)

yay for cheesy dancing in front of bedroom mirrors. =P
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