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3/18/2005 c1 81Ultimate Schuyler
This is really, really cute. And the poem was nice, too. The story was even nicer. :) It reminded me a lot of the song "Cinderella" by the Cheetah Girls.
5/10/2001 c1 Carrie
Ciao Carmen! I liked your poem! Good job! LOL :o) :is very unimaginative:
4/22/2001 c1 Lucifer4
It was really good but long i hate long they take too long to read but it was really good and original im adding it to my favs.
4/22/2001 c1 3Peregrin1390
That was great! It might take 24 hours before you can see where I seperated my story into chapters. I already found out how to do the titles for the chapters. The 2nd chapter's called "Special" You'll find out why when I write it.
4/7/2001 c1 4Unicraze
WOW, that's NIFTY. I really like that. A lot. Very very cool. I'm... blabbering like an idiot. ...But it's a GREAT story.

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