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for Easter James

3/31/2013 c8 4ShadowJunkie
That was sweet. As in I want to bite off my finger sweet, and trust me that's a good thing. I'm glad you mentioned this was a sequel to another story because I woulda been hella confused at a few parts if I didn't know about it and you bet that Id seriously read that other story because dude, you reallywere that good. Character portrayal and story is a 5/5 and I'd wish ti hear more from you soon. I'll definitely get your word around the community so that you'd have more favs and likes. Count on it.
8/8/2010 c4 7Sorrows Of The Dawn
Aw, it's so cute! Sets is adorable, in a clueless way~ ^_^ I can't believe you only got 14 reviews for this! People are insane. *nods* ^_^ You are wonderful~
5/12/2009 c8 autumn-annette-19
Whats next, whats next?
4/19/2009 c8 1xXEzaelePlusMorpheusXx
Love this =P ! Keep up the good work!
8/5/2008 c8 25Esquirella
Whoa! In front of the 'rents and all, huh? Way cool ending! Can hardly wait for the epilogue!
6/19/2008 c7 2Thread of Life
I like this story a lot. :D

Aww James. Run after him or something!
6/19/2008 c7 25Esquirella
Oh no! Poor Stetson! After all of that, James can't even try to stop him from walking away? That was kind of cold.
6/9/2008 c6 Pretty. Odd
AW! :D I love them. their relationship is so tumultuos, but that's what makes it authentic and beautiful.
6/9/2008 c6 DeletionImminent
drunken confessions are awesome. Half serious and meaningful drunken conversations are even better.

Yay for chapter!

I less-than-three it, because ficpress wont let me type proper hearts- oh noes! But yeah- awesomeness.
6/7/2008 c5 37Howling Cat

I love this story. I adore it. End of story.

Update soon!
6/7/2008 c3 theapathycrusade
Haha, I love this story!

I think it's brilliant and this line: "What's the point in dating if you already know who you want to spend the rest of your life with?"

It was great. XD You're excellent at characterization, and Stets is really charismatic as a narrator. Great story.
6/7/2008 c5 DeletionImminent
m, yay!

eugh, there are people playing pbnoxiously loud music somewhere in my apartment block, and my brains melting, so please forgive my horrible reviewing.

But, i like this story, and the characters, and i look forward to reading more.
3/12/2008 c3 15Bluorange
Aw, I really liked this chapter. Stetson is so jealous, it's adorable! Anyway, keep up the fabulous work.
2/24/2008 c2 DeletionImminent

i love this chapter. It's all confused. Wonderful!

- Sy
2/23/2008 c2 5gummybaby
thanks for the update! Purple hair...yay
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