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8/16/2004 c1 zt
Those darn, blank, EVIL, empty wordpad documents! I think you really captured every fiction writer's rage against them. Is thank you and good job enough?
7/29/2002 c1 9Au Printemps
How true...I find myself also staring down that awful blinking cursor every time I open up a new document, block or no. I usually hide the cursor away in the corner before I lose my sanity and run off into oblivion, however. But still it taunts me, however I hide it...a sad unfortunate, since I write best on the computer also.

This was written great and made me laugh a lot. Makes it hard to believe you ever suffered from said block. I find that flipping to a page in a dictionary, randomly stabbing my finger at a word, and using that as the first word of my prose works well.
9/19/2001 c1 2Ally the Sugar Fairy
This was a perfect description of the dreaded Block. I wonder at how you were able to pour out something like this presumably with it. I can't believe more people haven't reviewed! And I don't know what else to say...
9/3/2001 c1 puppiesrule122
awesome story lol
8/9/2001 c1 Sabrina
Very cute, very, very, true.
7/12/2001 c1 1Opheliac
This made my day! Style was surprisingly engaging and warm! Thanks!
7/9/2001 c1 aej411
lol that is hilarious...i get a block when im writing on paper, but i almost never get a block when i write on the computer=)
6/29/2001 c1 Anaviel
Loved it. Blank computer documents are definately evil. -Anaviel
6/16/2001 c1 Elwing Alcyone
LOL. Very funny, especially about fencing with writers' block. I'll have to try that sometime ...
5/26/2001 c1 Emi-Chan who never signs on
HI :) I'm a regular reader of your column, Homework, and I thought that it would be fun to read some of your fics. This is hillarious! I love it! Now I'm off to read a few more, so you'll probably get a few more reviews from me :)
4/15/2001 c1 Guess
A tap a hey! A tap a ho! Brilliant. Utterly brilliant. I've read many of your "Homework" articles and find them very informative and helpful although, I still haven't cured my writer's block. Do you think reading will really help. I have a bunch of Robert A. Heinlein books, but they sometimes make my eyes cross. How on earth did he create all that mess about "ballistics"? Although I like his theory that everyone is just a figment of the imagination. In accordance with that, I wonder why I made you so gosh durn talented while giving myself zip. Oh well. Tally-ho! I'm off to read the rest of your work!
4/9/2001 c1 4Unicraze
Haha! That's great. I fell asleep staring at the cursor once and had a weird dream... but that's not the point. Anyway, I love this story. ::cheekily:: Where'd you get the inspiration?
4/8/2001 c1 miaou5 not signed in
lol. wonderful work, as always. keep it up

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