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12/29/2019 c12 Rmi
Although I loved your stories until now and I really enjoyed your characters, cried with them, laughed with them, loved with them, I have to say that I disliked this story.
It pains me to say it, but this is the sequel too much. The needless addition that wrecks the happy ending for the sake of drama. They had it all, they were happy, they had found closure, the future was bright... And now they wallow in self-pity and give in to their flaws and run from the problem they cause.

Why did Will and Tom broke up when they were such a cute couple and when the very point of his last story was to hook them up? Aside from hooking up with every Turkish hottie and saddle himself in drama with a destructive older boyfriend? Why do the foster kids are always entitled brats who rebel for the sake of rebellion? Why can't Brett and Mike stop rowing for futile pretext and run away when we know they will get back together for more drama?

I'm sorry but there is a time where the best service that can be done to a story is to put a final end.
12/1/2013 c12 2Toppo
I've started the series in the middle, and then I read from the beginning, I haven't reviewed once; I'm not even sure if you will be able to read this, given that you haven't written in years.

But, I must say that I absolutely love how you write. There is never a dull moment, and the characters are wonderfully realistic. I honestly haven't been this emotionally invested in fictional characters from stories that I've read in this website.

Anyway, this story... I didn't really like Ahmet. I was pretty much waiting for him and Will to break up, and thank god they did. I am, however, perturbed that Will's aggressive tendencies were never resolved.

Brett and Michael... I was rooting for them. I didn't want to think that they would ever separate. I absolutely loved them together, and it honestly breaks my heart that Brett is left alone again. I know that break ups are a part of life, but it's so sad that not one of the m really had a happy ending. This story has left me more depressed than satisfied. If not for the paper I have to immediately get started on, I think I would've shed buckets of tears for them. They were meant to be! They were happy! Everything can't end like that. :( But alas, everything has.

I haven't read Iska yet, but it seems very unlikely that Brett and Michael would get back together there. ... I'm really heartbroken.
10/19/2013 c12 Guest
this is a nice surprise!
it's a surprisingly good story with a good plot! I kinda feel that it's a waste that it doesn't end happily for such a well thought story. but then when I think about it, the ending is actually suit the story well. another thing is that there are some of Will's story is in need to be resolved
9/28/2010 c12 2End User 91802
Ah... I love it. This one took me a few days to chew through, but I'm glad I finished it.

I think the best part of your writing style is the realistic depiction of relationships- romance literature so often tends to treat love as a kind of fantasy that has little compromise or difficulty associated with it. I enjoyed the ending- I was waiting for things to fall apart for Will, and I'm thankful that in the end it didn't escalate further. Will is such an oddball sweety. X]

Well thought-out and intricate plot, careful attention to detail (I want to go to Turkey now), and excellent characterisation. Good grammar and structure too- I get annoyed at online authors who forget that a paragraph is more than one sentence.

In short: wonderful! :D
12/18/2009 c12 2lovesephy15
I really love this story so far! Can you please send me the rest? My email is :
9/13/2009 c12 MAGICAL.NARRATOR
oh geez. please don't tell me i stayed up till 4:30 in the morning for this to be the ending. I was completely into this story and was shocked by several things in this chapter alone. I could never tell what was coming next which was really wonderful.

but i don't want it to end this way. The story is too magnificent for this to be the last chapter.

10/16/2008 c12 layne
this stuff is so fucked up. these people just like... do whatever they want. i'm not sure if you're a really fucking awesome writer or a really bad one, but either way this gets an emotional response from me, so i guess that must be a good thing. it just seems like people in real life can't be this... fickle and mean. at least, i don't know anyone like this. i don't know. you write alot of these amongst the same group, and they all date and break up and move on and move around and it's so weird.
7/24/2008 c12 3BabyKeepItSurreal
Another Will story! I hadn't checked your page in ages...I was kind of afraid Something Bad might've happened. But I'm glad you're posting stories again! And I love Will and I've been dying for a long time now to find out more about how he deals with his past. And from this story I'm assuming he just doesn't deal with it. Which is bad. I hope you show Will getting some help...because even though he's developed some Very Bad anger issues, I still love him and all of your stories centered around him!
7/8/2008 c12 Josie
Hello again.. I've run out of superlatives for commenting on your stories, it'll just be repeating myself. I got home from my holiday trip to spend a night + 2hours delay waiting for my domestic flight, and these last, long-ass chapters saved me. I was pretty much blown away. All that happened with Will - so unexpected, so dramatic and sad and just... guh! Poor Michael, and poor Brett, and poor Ben too though I wanna just grab him by the ears and violently shake some sense into him. And poor Ahmet, not to forget. And Cloudy, he needs to go with Will to keep him running! ยด:o

As for Will, I love him as much as ever even with the shocking (but still making sense) change he went through. It was just... he stabbed Michael! Shy, timid and non-confrontational Will, stabbed! Maybe it was 20 years of pent up emotion needing an out, or maybe it was life in Turkey and depression that made him lose it. He isn't the most stable guy emotionally or mentally, I guess, and now I'm grabbing on to every glimpse of how he's managing, like what was offered in 'Iska'.

Yup, can't really express in new ways how I feel about this story, but I was sitting at half 3 in the morning at the airport, hand clutched over my mouth as I read...

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful writing like this.

6/20/2008 c12 Miss Imaginary
As much as I absolutely love all of your stories, I'm so devastated about Brett and Michael. Y-Y It must sound silly, but out of all of the characters, I was just so glad that at least they had each other and with all of their flaws they were truly in love. Aw, man...


There wouldn't be any chance of them getting back together in the future, would there...? .
6/18/2008 c12 2TRSNG
Wow. I don't think you need me to tell you that your stories are a *lot* more realistic that most of the stuff that gets classified under 'Romance' on FictionPress. Especially most of the m/m stuff!

I don't know how to feel about that sometimes because, like this one, most of your stories see people hurt a lot of the time. Now I'm pretty soft princess max, and your characters' struggles often upset me. But they delight me too and I have to give you serious props for the fact that you can actually *affect* me with what you write.

Also, I'm Aussie on GAP living in Germany and I really liked the culture-clashing of this story. Most Australians are pretty isolated and don't really see Oz from the outside-in. You do it well - not glorifying, not critiquing, just showing it how it is - basically doing what you do best.

You should be proud! and keep writing this universe !
6/17/2008 c12 a
wow. I am completely in shock that Brett and Michael are broken up. I kind of thought that they were permanent even though I guess that was stupid of me. Are you planning to write more from these characters? I feel bad for Brett, and I seriously have a problem with Ben. I don't know why any of them put of with the little jerk. Maybe he'll grow out of it. Where is everyone going to go from here now that just about everyone has broken up? Like I know a few reviewers have said, I'm really concerned with Brett. I hope there will be more soon, if not from this story than from these characters!
6/16/2008 c12 Midnights Scream
? Was that the end? If that was the end there needs to be a sequel or something. :) it was very good, but I really want to know what was making him become violent. NOthing seemed to be the trigger besides him moving, but he was happy. Maybe it was all the little stresses. good job!
6/15/2008 c11 Midnights Scream
Such a long chapter! I wonder where all this is going a little though. So muvh is happening yet at the same time it seems like nothing is. I guess it's because he hasn't spent much time with Ahmet. It seems like they aren't really together and I keep waiting for him to fall in love with someone else and leave Ahmet. :) good job!
6/15/2008 c12 10afk
omfg! I really thought they would end up together! I guess i am happy that mike and brett are happy with their independence.

But what will now happen with Will? And with his job with the other family? Gawd i really hope you can write a new story soon! hugs! afk
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