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6/14/2008 c12 15BoredSinceBirth

I know this was a story written for Will and Ahmet, but I'm more concerned about Brett and Michael. It felt like they were more of the spotlight of this than the main couple.

That's both Damon and Michael who have suddenly just 'fallen out of love' with him. He must be devastated.

Well, if not, I'm devastated. There's a part of me that really hopes that after Ben is eighteen, they try again, but that seems unlikely. Everyone else seems to have closure, Will is satisfied, Michael is satisfied, even Tom is just peachy. And there's Brett, who I've noticed doesn't really have a full story from his point of view, and I really wonder what's going through his head. It's part of reality that most people don't get their happy ending, though, I suppose I understand why it ended this way.

Seriously, I just finished crying my eyes out about half an hour ago trying to compose myself to actually review for once. x).

Everything you write is just so real, and I feel very silly crying over people who aren't real, but it truly feels like they /are/. It's an amazing feat of yours that's becoming extremely rare in the writing world.

I'm not very good at putting my thoughts to words, but I just wanted to thank you for sharing this and all your other stories and characters. Each and everyone has affected me in some way, I think, (As well as gotten me interested in Australia x) And now Turkey) it kind of astounds me.

I absolutely love everything you have here, and I'm hoping this story wasn't the last of it. Because I would definitely look forward to anything you put up in the future.

I think I should end the review here, because I think I'm starting to get all sappy. x).

Just thank you and I hope to see more from you soon. :)
6/14/2008 c12 6Wizard of Souls
You made me get all teary-eyed from reading the last two chapters. I have this urge to cry now. ;_;

Sadness aside, I'm now very tempted to read the rest of your work in the near future. This was utterly brilliant, even with the sad, sad ending.

6/13/2008 c12 green
Wow! Can't come up with anything better

"The center cannot hold; things fall apart"

It might be the other way around. It was like that. Every thing just went from 0 to 60 in 3.5 (this is the only phrase I can think right now and can't place where it is from) The beginning of 11 was nice and quiet and happy and what happened then?

Ever since Will had talked to Mike about going to Turkey, the center tore apart, I knew something was going to happen. For some reasons I believe that this story was not about Will and Ahmet, not really, it was about Mike and Brett, your old characters, the perfect couple giving them closure, or even perhaps about the hands creating the words, giving life closure?

I am not sad, I am relieved. I am glad everybody split up. We are all miserable with each other and we are all connected with each other because we want others to be more miserable than us. And we call it love.

6/13/2008 c12 Feel The Waltz
Oww i'm all sad now. But i guess thats what i like about your writing, its so realistic. I am awful sad that Mike & Brett didn't work out but by the end of Mikes trip i didn't like him so much anymore. Thanks for writing :)
6/13/2008 c12 satachiha08
I'm really hating Ahmet right now... And I feel sorry for Ben/Ali.
6/13/2008 c11 Feel The Waltz
Ahh, i love how your chapters are so long! ^_^

I really hope Mike & Brett don't split up, there one of my all time faveourite parings on fiction press. :)

& i like Wafiq.

6/13/2008 c12 2Mademoiselle Rouge
So no more Brett & Mike ?

Oh no.

Oh NO !

I'm so sad. Even sadder than for Will and Ahmet.

Are you sure you're going to leave it like that ? ... - cries -

Hope to read more of Will and everyone.

Is this the end of this story ?

Anyway, loved all of it. I love reading everything you write. Even if it doesn't end 'well'.
6/13/2008 c11 10afk
adored this long chap! Will read next one tomorrow, don't want to eat everything at once!

What's up with mike? is it really that bad between them? I always liked them together..
6/13/2008 c12 1Bedlam Chaos
Ow !

That's what's in my mind for now. Everything went finally well and BAM ! Everything crashed.

I can't understand why Will haddn't want to go to a shrink.

And Brett... He's kind of stuck with boyfriends who can't manage to talk to him and, instead, cheat on him. I wonder what Damon would think about it.

I love your stories because your characters aren't perfect. And when they have flaws, they don't always struggle to become better and things don't fix themselves. Your stories show live like it really is. When you make a mistake, things aren't "all right". If you are in love, it doesn't mean a happy ending even if you're sincere and your partner as well. And love is far more complex than the ordinary "we're together, we're nice and we're happy".

Oh.. And I think Will's a bit too fatalist. He doesn't fight. Hum... Yes he fights but in a destructive manner. So... I wonder what kind of live await him. What kind of live he will create for himself.

Thanks for all this
6/13/2008 c11 stardance
I love Michael. I hope (once he's better) if he and Brett break up he can have another story.
6/13/2008 c11 2Mademoiselle Rouge
W-what ? Things are not going well between Brett & Mike ?

No ! I refuse !

They're my all time favorite couple. How can you do this to me ? (Dramatic, much ? lol)

I can totally imagine what Will's going through in Turkey. I'd probably gone back in France ages ago. I know he loves Ahmet, but they just don't seem to...fit. Well at least, that's how I see it from reading this story. I don't even like Ahmet, acutally... He's just so weird. And I don't like the fact that he tells Will that things will get better. I mean, he left Australia although he spoke English and had friends there, coz he was unhappy. Why can't it be the same for Will ?

I was so scared when Ben disappeared ! Dunno why, but I really like him. And what he said to Will...well i thought it was completely right.

Just saw on my account that chapter 12's been posted :):):) I'll go read it ;)

Thanks for that giganticly long chapter, btw !
6/12/2008 c1 1Magdalena Bruhaha
Oh dear, so much drama all of a sudden. Tom! Where have you been?

Update soon, dear god.
6/12/2008 c1 green
Update please?
5/13/2008 c10 10afk
why did ahmet go? and man what a turn of events. Love teh story hahaha
5/12/2008 c10 3nonaccount
Good, I'm glad everyone is okay. I can't wait to find out what happens when Will moves to Turkey, that'll definitely be weird and jarring for him.
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