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5/12/2008 c1 lack
Wonderful story and wonderful characters and wonderful writer. The characters do not seem at all like they are made up. Though I wonder, after the accident, will Ahmet not be too guilt ridden? I want Will to go to Istanbul, I have never been there, I want to see the architecture so you better have some good details. Brett and Michael seem like a trip, I wish you would include them a bit more like in the cafeteria. It seems like you might have older stories so I might go read them. A question I keep asking myself: Does Will only love Ahmet because there's no one better?
5/11/2008 c10 Josie 1moresickpuppy
Oh, Will..!

And where on Earth is this going? Apart from Istanbul, I mean... It bothers me a little how everytime Will thinks "I love Ahmet" there's the added, "won't find anyone better than Ahmet". Um, and with people visiting Will in the hospital, I was reminded of his biological brother - they don't keep in touch at all?

Another fantastic chapter, I just have so much love for the story and my baby-Will... ยด:)

You do have a few typos, but one you keep making is writing "bought" instead of "brought".
5/10/2008 c10 jon
So the angel Tom comes. Need I hark him? Will died, but you kind of skipped over it. I wonder what happened in the cafeteria. It's a good thing Will didn't blame Ahmet, even jokingly, the level of sensitivity that Ahmet displays might have resulted in Ahmet never being able to face Will. I read Will's older stories. I am going to miss him being in Australia, I liked his family. I like seeing Mike and Brett sometimes. But Will said a month to Ahmet, why does it seem like something will happen?
5/10/2008 c9 Midnights Scream
wow! A whole lot happened and you ended it at a horrible spot! I want to know want happens, but at least Ahmet had a good reason for being a jerk. :) it's good.
5/10/2008 c10 green
You are on a roll. This chapter was not as dramatic as I was expecting it to be. I wish you would include a few of the details rather than giving the Cliff Notes version like you used to do. Such as the cafeteria scene, for some reason, I love seeing angry Michael. You don't include massive details ever ever since "Two of Us' I wanted to know their rxns to Will dying, like you did with Lee when he had his accident, but I do wonder if making it sappy would have been good for the general tone of the story. Oh, and you forgot to put the word 'coma' in the first sentence, I didn't catch any other big mistakes. I like Tom, and I also like that Will doesn't have a rxn to him like he does to Will. I DON"T WANT WILL TO LEAVE AUSTRALIA.

Please finish stories before posting, there is less of a risk of abandonment.
5/10/2008 c10 diebyownhands
5/10/2008 c10 2Pundit
Huh, so almost dieing got him out of trouble for almost-but-not-quite-maybe-cheating? Sweet. I can't wait to find out what was said at in the hospital cafeteria. I have the feeling there was finger pointing and foot stomping. Nice to see Tom again. Does he still have a thing for Will? Absence makes the dick grow harder (oh God, I'm so witty).
5/9/2008 c9 3nonaccount
Okay, what? I'm confused about quite a few things: how can Will love Ahmet so much if they never freaking talk to each other about anything, why didn't Ahmet just confront Will about Mohammed, why would Will want to move to a completely foreign country for some guy he's known - how long? But maybe none of that matters since they've had an accident. I hope the marsupial is fine.
5/9/2008 c9 jon
Way to go with the cliffhanger.

I want to hit Ahmet over the head. If he wants to hurt himself, fine, he is more than welcome to, no need to kill other people or marsupials, for that matter. I feel bad for him a lot more than I want to hit him. Losing a job, that he should not have lost or had in the first place, and then a cheating boyfriend, that's what everyone need for a healthy lifestyle.

In hindsight, maybe you skipping Ramadan was NOT a bad idea. However, why Ahmet reveals that he is mad at Will after an entire month is beyond me. I would have done it the next week at the latest, but it is your story.
5/9/2008 c9 ddz008
Great chapter! That's why he was being so weird... and he knows that they kisse, but that's not really important right now. What will happen to them? Really hope you update soon! :)
5/9/2008 c9 Josie 1moresickpuppy
Oh god I knew it! Going for a drive? Dammit I'm so pissed off with Ahmet. My heart is truly breaking for him, but you don't f*ing do that no matter what. He may not care what happens right now, but the world does not evolve around him and there are other people who would like to live. And, sadly nothing good ever comes of trying not to hit small animals on the road... Or of not communicating, people! *sigh* Of course Ahmet would find out about that kiss, and Will is young but you don't need a degree to know that he was flirting with, nay, inviting disaster at the party, the jerk. Whew! Such a cliffhanger, please, please ease our suffering...
5/9/2008 c9 2Mademoiselle Rouge
Well that put me into a light, happy mood.


Can't wait to read the next chapter.
5/9/2008 c9 I love you princess max
I am drooling.
5/9/2008 c9 green
Oh wow!

I know this is only a story but WOW!

Such a quick update. I thought Ahmet was only mad at Will, but he seems seriously angry. Those idiots at the dental board. Who the hell does go "sorry, we made a mistake" after hiring someone? Where is their shame? Ahemt might be even more mad after the accident. Will is going to have such a terrible time in Turkey. But this chapter made Will to be so incompetent. He should have done a bit of reading on Turkey's culture. But I keep pitying him. I don't mind that you skipped Ramadan. They don't need anymore drama. I did not catch mistakes in this chapter, but I am a lousy editor.
5/9/2008 c9 Pundit
Wow, Will was really a dick. He didn't even seem that sorry about it. To cheat on his boyfriend at his boyfriends house, in front of his boyfriend's friends, WHILE his boyfriend was on the premises makes him a class A a-hole. On the other hand, I'm wondering why Ahmet didn't mention it immediately. Was he distant with Will before the party because he lost his job? Why not mention that anyway? Oh, and I'm ignoring the car accident becuase, until the next update, I'm pretending it didn't happen.
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