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5/7/2008 c8 jon
I find it amazing and laughable that men who are quite homosexual, drink, and laugh at Islam will practice Ramadan willing to be hungry for no reason or meaning. So far you have relied on social gathering for most parts to take the story further, I wonder what you will do now that they will not be occuring. You better not skip this month.

Will is even better than me at ruining his life. I want to beat him up.
5/6/2008 c8 jel
Good old Will. The way things are going, the boy desperately needs Jackie dropping in on him.
5/6/2008 c8 green
Ah, the stupidity of people. The general stupidity Will displays does not even astound me anymore. Stupidity is his addiction. He needs to be kept on a leash. Maybe he should ask Ahmet what Sedat told him about his visit. And why does Ahmet not listen to people about Sedat? Or is he just testing Will in some twisted way? And why in the world is acting like a prissy queen? Ramyar (is he sikh?) is a god. Usually I don't notice your spelling mistakes too much, but this one had plenty of them and they were blatant.
5/5/2008 c8 2happy lullaby
I just read through all of the chapters and i love this story! it's so good, and written extremely well. ^^ i can't believe Will would do that, though, but i guess i'll just have to wait to find out what happens next. please update soon!
5/5/2008 c8 Josie
Ooh finally a new chapter. I love it, in that half cringing away way. Thank god for Ramyar, and let's see if this rings any warning bells in Will's sweet head once he sobers up... Ben did good, too, but I can't see how Ahmet can be friends with Sedat - he must be completely oblivious.

Longing for more, as always. Cheers!
5/4/2008 c8 Kasee Lara
This is going to kill me. Having already read the story and having to wait until this is done for anything new. And that's a compliment. Really.

I'm hooked.

Bloody hell. That's got to be a bad sign of some kind.

At this stage I was missing sweet pre-Jackie Will.
5/4/2008 c8 3nonaccount
What's up with Ahmet? Did Sedat tell Ahmet some lie about what happened when he worked on Will's teeth? I'm glad Ramyar stopped Mohammed, even though I like Mohammed, Ahmet would be pissed, actually he probably already is. . . .
5/4/2008 c8 2Not Quite Right in the Head
5/4/2008 c8 3bambi4real
Okay i give. I thought I could wait and read the story as you posted but I want it all right now, pleease.
4/29/2008 c7 Kasee Lara
So glad to see you (my favourite writer on fictionpress - if that fact boosts your ego) writing again!

I'd love to have the whole story if you're still emailing it - kasee.

But god, poor Will. He's too much of a pushover. I hope Ahmet gets over himself and doesn't fuck up with Will. I like him best for Will.

Oh and: I love this story. :P Though that shouldn't really be a surprise.
4/26/2008 c1 Sarah
Wow, I just noticed that you are writing again! I really love all of your stories, especially the characters-they're very realistic and down to earth, but still interesting.

If you're still emailing the completed story out, could you email it to me at seselian @ yahoo . com? I'm going to have unreliable internet access over the summer, but I'd like to keep reading it.
4/25/2008 c1 jon
Great story. You have a very realistic and quite to-the-point kind of writing. Your setting and plot and people do not at all seem like made up people. Some other very popular writers on this website have that problem. This is the first story I have read by you, as a result, I am quite confused as to who some people are, such as why Jackie is bad news. I am guessing I should read your earlier stories.

This Will seems like a pushover, but maybe I will read your other stories and change my attitude. Ahmet seems like a guy who will use that, I don't know though, it might just be my suspicious nature showing because I love Will. It seemed like Ahmet was using underhanded tactics to punish his boyfriend, rather than just address it outright. There is just so much behaviour and nature of Ahmet that I cannot guess such as the incident with the Groping Dentist. Was it a warning to Will? I will now go see to read about Mike and Brett, I just love them. Do something to Ben, this chapter made him better though.
4/19/2008 c7 Midnights Scream
Poor Will needs a break. Guys won't leave him alone, but I think Ahmet is doing this on purpose. He's up to something and why does it seem like he's punishing Will?
4/19/2008 c7 32eldrin
Ooh, I'm very fond of the in-bed dental discussion. And this chapter has several funny moments that brought a smile to my face. For about the zillionth time I'm going to tell you that you absolutely rock this everyday human interaction stuff. I'll never get over how completely human your characters are, how wonderfully natural their actions/discussions/internal monologues are. They're all old friends to me, and I love that.

Also, Jackie out of jail and looking for Will? A nice addition to the story at this point. Will anything come of it? I can't help but worry over Will a little, at least. Don't know how much I like Ahmet (though he does tend to grow on me in bursts) but he is certainly much better for Will than Jackie was.

Am looking forward to more!
4/15/2008 c7 jel
I'm resisting the urge to request the entire story, because I know I won't leave review for every chapter, which you deserve. I love Mahir, he is like Lee. Fun and spontaneous. Is it me or are the Turkish people very intrusive, not necessarily rude, but intrusive?
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