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4/14/2008 c7 green
I didn't have time earlier to leave a better review, so here it goes. I know the title is "From Brisbane to Istanbul" it is still worrying that Will will go there as Ahmet's Western "wife" (as western as Austrialia's location can be comparative to Turkey). He does act like it. He cooks. He likes Ahmet's family, and the family likes him more or less. He defers to Ahmet. What if Ahmet starts to walk all over him in Turkey? It will be Ahmet's territory, Will will not have his family's support with him.

On a more current topic, nice job with the chapter. Ben is protective of Will and Ahmet, even though I thought he didn't like their relationship. Good to see Roman again.
4/14/2008 c7 green
Was Sedat Will's punishment for Mohammed?
4/14/2008 c7 10afk
hahaha very nice chapter, i love cloudy!

I hope jackie won't cause any trouble.

Wait till next chapter! XD
4/13/2008 c7 6Wizard of Souls
Oh wow, I really like this story. While I do have a little trouble following the time frames of certain events (which is mostly my horrible sense of time), I really like how Will's family interacts with each other.

4/13/2008 c7 Josie
Aaghh, it's so *worrying*, reading about Will..! When is he ever going to learn to stand up for himself, look out for himself a bit more? Say no to things that make him uncomfortable? On that account, it's too bad he an Tom didn't work out because Tom didn't seem to have bad bone in his body.

And I'm still trying to figure out how your writing about completely trivial things can create such suspense. I don't know if other people experience your stories the same way, but it really works for me. Big Love!

Josie (1more_sickpuppy on LJ)
4/13/2008 c7 deidei66
I really like this story and your writing style! It's got a very realistic fell to it.
4/12/2008 c7 3nonaccount
Huh. Why doesn't Will tell Ahmet what happened to him, speaking of which what exactly did happen? Is he worried that Ahmet will blame Will or just doesn't want to upset Ahmet and Sedat's friendship?
4/5/2008 c6 Midnights Scream
:) I like this story. It's real and cute at the same time. :) nice!
4/3/2008 c6 32eldrin
Love the greyhound. It's also really nice to see more Lee, Brett, and Michael. I'm not sure how I feel about Ahmet at the moment.

I do love reading your stories.
3/29/2008 c6 Jel
I love this story!

A greyhound for a 63 kilo 6'7" man! I think the man's bones would weigh more than that. I wish I was 63 kilo and I am a lot shorter than Will.
3/28/2008 c5 green
I was rereading this chapter and thought how would Brett and Mike react to Will moving in with Ahmet? And I realized that even though moving in would be very significant, you barely touched upon the actual moving in and people's rxns to it. Did you just do it, or did you do it b/c Will hasn't known Ahmet for long and you want us to understand Ahmet along with Will, as he lives with him in a secure status?
3/28/2008 c6 3nonaccount
I can't decide how I feel about Ahmet. Aside from the creepy, "'Stay here and don't move. Look at the fence.'" command and weirdness about showing affection in front of others he seems okay in this chapter. I don't remember, but didn't Ahmet hug Will in front of his family? (shakes head) I guess I'll have to keep reading to find out what happens. :)
3/28/2008 c6 Jen lewis
I love your story. It is so realistic, I can't actually tell you what it is, maybe it is the absence of angst and fluff and the presence of a healthy dose of realistic problems that makes me want to come back more. Or it might me that I just like skinny tall awkward boys being embarrassed. I found the story yesterday. I was going to pace myself, but couldn't. I just ended up reading all 6 chaps. So far my favorite are Brett and Ahmet. I will go and read your other stories, so I am not lost on who some of the people are.
3/27/2008 c6 green
I feel that Will and Ahmet are going to have a problem eventually, if they are together long enough, over Ahmet demanding Will to defer to him. Ahmet reminds me of Brett. The greyhound for Will? Nice one, Lee. Hilarious, and the best part is Ahmet doesn't get it.

Someone needs to set Ben on the straight path, no pun. Will seems like he only confronts when he is pushed into a corner, he will not. Brett or Mike need to control Ben. They feed him, house him, and put up with his general crap, although he doesn't disrespect them, he needs to learn something from them. He is no one to reprimand gays when he, a practicing Muslims, is having sexual relations with CHRISTIAN girls and drinking at 14! Last time I checked, Muslims consider those to be major sins, especially the former.
3/27/2008 c6 Josie 1moresickpuppy
Your stories really have something I haven't found anywhere else in all my fic-reading. It's hard to put your finger on, but it's something to do with the suspense of everyday life, I think. Go figure. Like now, I'm feeling uneasy about Will's pick of boyfriend again... getting jealous, expecting Will to defer. But at the same time they have good things going for them, too. Still I find myself almost hoping the relationship won't last, and I wasn't crazily keen on Tom/Will either. Part of it is the feeling that Will still needs to grow up, and hasn't found 'the one' yet, but part is also just the fun of seeing him meet new men... ;) Anyway, cultural issues are hard to overcome because they're so ingrained. And I really hope people will put effort into teaching Ben to be tolerant. He's 14, sure, but he's being fed and clothed by gay men yet feels they should go to hell? Makes me want to hit him on the head.

Oh, the greyhound was hilarious! Thanks for the lovely story.
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