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3/27/2008 c6 ddz008
Ahmet is being more weird with time, I imagine is something that has to do with his culture? I hope that he really loves Will. I'll be waiting for the next chapter.
3/27/2008 c6 diebyownhands
Very nice.
3/25/2008 c5 green
Good old Lee. I am glad that at least Ahmet is not the man-whore that everyone else seems to be. Has Michael stopped cheating on Brett? I find it really difficult to believe they have big fights only once or twice a year given the crap the make up together. Do I see hints of a new story?
3/24/2008 c5 mathew
yours are the only characters i care to follow through several stories.

3/24/2008 c5 ddz008
Good chapter! I like Ahmet and Will, and Ahmet's family. I also like Lee XD I wonder what's wrong with Brett and Michael... and why was Ahmet acting like that? I hope he isn't an obsessive and extremely jealous lover. Update soon, please! :)
3/24/2008 c5 3nonaccount
Okay now I'm getting a little creeped out about Ahmet. Why did he have to mention the "no other men" thing again? Hopefully he had a really bad relationship or something and that made him paranoid rather then being creepily obsessed with Will, or any guy he's dating. I just hope he doesn't become abusive. I'm actually glad Ben is going with him to Turkey 'cause then he'll have someone he knows to support him emotionally. Thanks for the update!
3/24/2008 c5 8Sundown
A wonderfully fulfilling chapter and I am so glad that you are once again delving into Brett and Michaels relationship. I'm intrigued of Brett's plans, so I can't wait for more.
3/24/2008 c5 19diebyownhands
Very nice.

Is Ahmet's "No one but me for you, and no one for you but me", Something to worry about?

Poor Will deserves a good relationship and here I am waiting for something to go awfully wrong!
3/24/2008 c5 10afk
you and turkey guy hahahahaha lovely! hmm i wonder how everything will work out! :D
3/13/2008 c4 8Sundown
I was thrilled to see that you had begun another story! This one has the same flow and seamless writing of the others. Once again, I am hooked...and am glad that there is a lot about Brett and Michael. I also love how the characters have aged...and you display that so well. It was most evident in the interaction with Lee...you wrote in such a way where I thought of the earlier stories and went 'aww'. Great work, as always!
3/11/2008 c4 25Esquirella
I liked the interaction with Ahmet's family, especially in contrast to Ahmet's first meeting with Will's family.
3/11/2008 c4 green
Poor Brett. But I don't see what is so wrong with sitting under the sun eating and reading. That would actually be a very good day. So what if it's boring!

I wonder if Ahmet was embarrassed by his parents. He didn't seem to be, or is that something shared among the brotherhood of man. I know many Americans are embarrassed by their parents(I am not)but because Ahmet is from Turkey, the culture is very different from the 'western' countries.
3/10/2008 c4 3nonaccount
Yeah, I HOPE Ahmet was joking. YAY! I'm so HAPPY that you're back! Happy, happy, joy, joy, happy, happy, joy, joy!

I really like this so far the interaction between Ben and Will is hillarious. I'm tempted to ask for the full version via email, but I think I'll wait a bit - kinda draw it out more.

On a separate and selfish note I can't help asking about Carmine and Shay, how is "From Italy, with Love" going?
3/9/2008 c4 diamondheart
Will is the same as ever. Ahmet's family is very amusing, but I feel like nothing about Ahmet as a person has been revealed. He's a little flat at the moment, but I'm excited to see what you do with him. Please email me the rest of the story at: d i a m o n d h e a r t 5 5 5 @ a o l . c o m. I hope it shows up this time.
3/9/2008 c4 10afk
aha.. family reunion. Who's mahir?
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