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3/8/2008 c4 ddz008
Great chapter! I'm glad that Ahmet's family is kind of accepting of his sexual orientation. And I like that it seems that Ahmet really likes Will :)
3/8/2008 c4 32eldrin
I'm really enjoying this story. I love that your writing is very down-to-earth yet you still include those nice, gentle cute moments like the 'you're always welcome to visit' bit at the end. Great update.
3/8/2008 c1 Devon 3
D :

(xdevxdevx (at) yahoo (dot) com)

: D
3/8/2008 c1 Devon 3
Wow, Max! It's been a whole year since I've read anything you've posted. I've been reading your stuff online for years, and it's great to see you posting again. I check up on your page every once and a while but just saw for the first time recently that you've posted something new!

I would VERY VERY much appreciate you e-mailing me more of this story. Also, I'm being greedy by asking, but if you have anything old that's not posted on FictionPress,could you send it this way? I've got a cold, and need something to do. D :

Here's my e-mail just in case fictionpress screws something up -

Thanks, keep up the good work

- Devon (who adores you and your writing so much! : P)
3/8/2008 c4 AnnaG.Luv
full story would be swet.
3/8/2008 c4 hesfb
hey i really really love this story and wondered if i could extract the entire thing from you? (hesfb @ hotmail . com) i promise to write an honestly gushing review at the end...
3/7/2008 c3 Josie
Oh hurrah! I've been checking in every once in a while to see if you were getting back into posting, and I wasn't really expecting to find anything when bam! there's a new story! And it's Will! My darling Will. I'm so happy see more of your lovely writing and characters. I'm cringing and smiling as I go along... What's that about mailing? Will you put the rest of the story up here?

3/4/2008 c3 25Esquirella
Poor Will. He's still awkward after all these years. LOL! Great update!
3/2/2008 c3 diamondheart
I love the story so far. I have to say, I thought Tom was perfect for Will, but I'm intrigued to see what happens with Ahmet. Please send me the rest of the story at Thank you.
3/2/2008 c1 Anonymous
I'm so glad you're back, and I love the story so far.
3/2/2008 c3 10afk
ahmet, very intruiguing person. I love how you bild up teh stories. Glad lee made it through everything. XD

well, until next chap. Thank you again for a lovely read!
3/2/2008 c3 5gummybaby
ugh, stupid fp...I'll try emailing you then.

The part with Ben was hilarious, I would have freaked out if that had happened to me. And it was great seeing Lee again. Ahmet seems like a nice guy, I hope Will sticks with him...
3/2/2008 c3 ddz008
Good chapter! I like Ahmet, what does he really think of Will? Hope you update soon! :)
3/2/2008 c3 1pplofthewrldeatcheese
I really hope Ahmet is it!He's such a gentleman kinda sorta in a way and it would be a total improvment than Will's other boyfriends.

Keep updating and being awesome!
2/27/2008 c2 32eldrin
Michael and Brett! A little bit at least...

Ahmet seems like a nice, interesting guy. Looking forward to seeing where this relationship goes.
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