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2/27/2008 c2 megerdum
I want the full story! Pretty please?
2/27/2008 c2 dafne22
So far Ahmet seems nice and intelligent, good match for Will. I was little worried about religious aspect, but it seems in this chapter that religion shouldn´t been great issue. We will see what the future brings... It was nice to see Brett again :-) And because I am impatient reader, could you please send me your story in advance? My email is . Thank you
2/27/2008 c2 5Kizuna
I'm loving your new story!^_^

Will is one of my favorite characters of yours!^^ It's a bit sad he and Tom broke up, but Ahmet sounds nice!^^

Oh, and I'd very much like the whole story!^^ My e-mail is:
2/27/2008 c1 dafne22
Hello, I am really glad you are finally back :-) Your stories are briliant, they are from real life. The plots aren´t exaggerated, they are dealing with everyday problems and love lives -even love lives of couples with children. This kind of stories is hard to find. And your writing is easy to read, entertaining. I could read your stories for hours. Even if Will isn´t my favourite character(in my opinion nobody beats Michael and Brett:-)), I am looking forward to the development of this story. So thank you for your writing.
2/26/2008 c2 2ShadesWithLove
Can I get the whole story please? :D

2/26/2008 c2 1pplofthewrldeatcheese
I have been reading your series for awhile now and the good thing about the stories is that you dont really need to read them all to get the gist of it. I am currently reading Life, continued as i type this ((jst to get caught up on his love life of confusing ness)) and can i say that i hope this is the guy for him Will and Ahmet, it has a nice ring to it :P

i would love if you could send me some other chapters if you want ((i know i would love it alot alot alot! ))

a sheehan14 @ gmail . com ((remove the spaces))
2/26/2008 c2 5gummybaby
yay, an update. I wonder if Will ever find a steady relationship like Brett and Michael have. Even if it is turbulant...

I totally want the whole story : D My email is
2/26/2008 c2 green
Glad to know you will finish this. I love Brett, it was good to see him and his moody ways. He makes me laugh. Now that I think about it, Ahmet for some reason reminds me of Brett, even though they are really different. Brett wasn't too angry, or was he only worried about Ben?
2/26/2008 c2 3May47
I'm completely loving this story! Well, that's mainly because I love Will. He's such an interesting little boy with a few problems, but interesting none the less. Then there's the fact that he's dating some sexy foreigner. Yay. I would really love to read the whole thing through so you can send it to

or you can just bask in my admiration...eitehr one's ok.
2/26/2008 c2 bambi4real
I'm curious about why DRAG n Ben were fighting.
2/26/2008 c2 25Esquirella
Brett is as surly as ever! LOVE that!
2/26/2008 c2 10afk
gawd, bad ben, that kinda things suck. parents hahaha i love brett handling it. I want to see how this cultural shock evolves ;)
2/26/2008 c2 diebyownhands
‘Do you every wish you could send him back there?’

‘All the time. All the bloody time.’

Lol, I'm really liking Ahmet. I'm surprised Brett didn't freak more over Ahmet going out with Will, I guess because he isn't a direct friend? or just too distracted with Ben?

Oh my mom was cruel when it came to drinking, she made me wake up at 6 am for catholic church. You can't sleep during Catholic mass your standing kneeling, sitting, standing kneeling, sitting. It's torture when you've had only a couple hours sleep and too much alcohol.
2/25/2008 c1 green
I am one of those fans who gush. I will tell you that I have read all of your stories enough times for anyone to think I have no social life. It is good of you to start another story. Most of the good people on fictionpress have died or something. I hope seriously that you have an iota of an inkling of where you are going with this story and not leave it like "From Italy..." There will be many cultural tensions with Ahmet. I do like the name. I liked Tom, but not everyone is forever. You keep saying that Will is inexperienced; from your earlier readings, Will seems to have been in a lot of sexual experience. Or do you mean socially? However can Will hide this from Brett and Mike? You can not live in the same house, and hide something like this. But Will usually does not think when it comes to sexual partners. It is nice to see Ben settle in comfortably.
2/25/2008 c1 25Esquirella
You're BACK! AWESOME! And Will's back, too! Cool! Can't wait to see you weave his story some more.
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