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for Miscommunication

10/30/2013 c1 76Rhocar
9/8/2008 c1 i-want-2-delete-my-account
It's really good. I can relate to this one. I like verses 1,4,5 and the last line most.
4/25/2008 c1 26LoSt ReMeDy

I love this...Seriously It's good! I hate things like that more so when your close to them...Oh well another nice poem you've written :)

Keep Smiling LoSt ReMeDy
4/11/2008 c1 socks-lost
I can connect with this so much, its awesome. I want to ask a friend of mine those things, but i can never get up the courage. i think its really good and other people can connect with it. Good job keep it up!
3/5/2008 c1 37CastleOfGlass
I love this story, it is especially true (I can really relate to the fourth paragraph where it says:

"Do you not want me around?

Or are other people more important?

'Cause every time someone else is there,

You just leave me hanging around."

I know exactly what you mean.

Thanks for posting this!


(hey congradulations this is about the longest review I think I've ever posted!)
2/23/2008 c1 standing.in.the.wreckage
I know that feeling very well, sadly. good poem and i like the questions you ask like how t both of you thats "wrong" instead of just the other. its kool. good job keep it up. =]

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