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for Vivisection

3/1/2008 c1 8Emerald123
WOW that was...disgusting. i expect it was supposted to be so that was a compliment. ew...they were going to disect him? thats...cruel and unusual.
2/24/2008 c1 Fractured Illusion
Hmm, I am not quite sure what to make of this. It really sounds just like a summary for a story, rather than a story itself, which is my main problem. Your portrayal of the events does seem realistic, however, as I can imagine that happening. Also, no grammar or spelling errors as far as I could tell.

- Frac, from the Review Marathon, sponsored by the Review Game (link in profile. Check it out if you will)
2/23/2008 c1 Thracian
This story isn't boring. It kind of seems like it's really missing emotions from it like there isn't any feeling put into the writing, it's just there...if you get what I mean (hard to explain). This plot idea would be better if you went into more detail about maybe how he got there in the first place of the woman herself. This could be something cool so don't give up on it or anything. That first paragraph does a good job setting up the scene though so I'd keep that. But yeah I'm just reading a lot of things right now because I'm doing a Review Marathon (there's a link about it in my profile) right now... sorry if this wasn't much of a review though.

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