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3/15/2010 c2 2Lullaby Street
so i take it you're not gonna finish this? well it was a good story anyways, so far.
3/15/2010 c1 Lullaby Street
hey this sounds interesting...but i see its only two chapters and not completed. gah!

oh well.
5/6/2008 c2 22effervescent-sentiments
Once again, very cute.

Structure your dialogue like this: "There's Scott," said Lacy. With a comma instead of a period? Yup yup.

Update soon, please.

5/6/2008 c1 effervescent-sentiments
Oh, this is so cute! I know you asked me to betaread, but this really isn't one of those stories that needs it.

Just do a quick edit and it'll be fine. Minor grammar issues.

Anyway, really adorable.

4/9/2008 c2 3The Toothpaste Fiend
I knew this story was going to be good when I read the word fabulous! (Yeah...I'm an idiot). Don't feel obliged to read my stuff!
3/27/2008 c2 Roman Candles
Great story so far. I really like what you have done so far. Please update soon.
3/26/2008 c2 22Kohlomere
Avoid ALL boys (with the exception of Johnny Depp, Heath Ledger and Colin Firth look-alikes) at all costs!

Those boys sound pretty precious-like some guys that were once on my debate team...but I could die for Jenni. But of course Wollenscroft was a woman!


Air Conditioning is as neccessary as water-no matter where you are! I won't hear anything else.

That's cruel and unusual repayment for saving a girl from a frat party-in her underwear-Jesus!

Great job,

3/26/2008 c2 misery sister
Good story so far! Keep it up! :D
3/26/2008 c1 Kohlomere
Aren't parents a gas? Oohh party (I'd so totally be playing video games with the dudes...)


2/29/2008 c1 15Zonne
"oh my gosh, this is like, so, totally cool" Actually, I really mean that. You have a gift for creating interesting characters that I really want to meet in person, and hang out with. You go! Write!
2/26/2008 c1 6She Had Somewhere To Go
Great start, perfect grammar, great characters, the whole deal!

Update soon!

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