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for the rebrith of the idea

2/27/2009 c1 174a silenced revolution
dark, really evocative with cool imagery and word choice. i like it.

"that wait for a sign that will never shine though"

-did you perhaps mean this to be "through"? because "though" would make sense, but i think without a comma it's confusing.

nice work.
4/17/2008 c1 12Yellow Umbrella
A beautiful concept, and equally well written. Quite dark but thought provoking, you inspired me. I am off to go write now.
3/30/2008 c1 arcane devices
your penname is honestly what got me to check your stuff out. it's poetic in nature, and intriguing. and as for the substance itself, i'm happy to say that your name truly does not dissapoint. let me try to break this one down by how i felt about the poetry in itself. first off, the title clearly caught my attention and i felt inclined to read the poem. the poetry flows rather smoothly, and your diction was rather superbly chosen. substance-wise, i'm afraid i have to be a bit harsh but it doesn't really seem clear-cut, and doesn't really strike the reader. i guess what i'm trying to say is that it's hard to get any depth out of the piece. however confused i was, it was thought-provoking and i did enjoy this read. i've decided to put you in my author alert when you update, so until then.

3/26/2008 c1 2KhefriSun
Gosh, kind of hard to understand, and kind of dark which I don't really mind(I've read Poe before, a talented guy, very dark but talented.)
3/21/2008 c1 7Rooster Skull
The ending is really sad, but there is some beautiful literature here. The image is vivid in my mind, and it's something I have never seen before. Exquisite.

~~ AmarokUchiha ~~
3/8/2008 c1 simpleplan13
hey I just reviewed you, but I forgot to tell you to check out the Review Game and its Review Marathon (links in my profile)
3/8/2008 c1 612simpleplan13
tilting toward the body of unrighteous...unrighteous is an adjective so it feels like there should more... unrighteous _ or the unrighteous or unrighteousness...

the hoard that falls fast from the starts... starts seem like an odd word..

I like this piece a lot... there is some wonderful language "callous world crumbles" "stars and moon that linger" and the ending is really sad and beautiful
2/29/2008 c1 21Faith Adeline
great piece, I really liked it :)

2/29/2008 c1 59radioactive stanica



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