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6/1/2008 c1 perdita
you need to make this full length
4/8/2008 c1 Lets Play Russian Roulette
love your writing.

love this.

love you.
3/8/2008 c1 2CiaoMonAmi
It's tragic and heartbreaking. I loved it.

3/8/2008 c1 queenB mackenzie
well, i know what you're thinking. i know what i'm thinking too. honestly, how did anyone not see this coming? i think i need to kinda go see someone about this problem i have, i just changed my penname like five minutes ago and i now i'm thinking about changing it to lovehate. D:

my name is minnie, and i am a pennameoholic.

i like how their names fit into each other, alexisabelle. like they're one person, two halves that make a whole.

it sounds like a cliche, like the regular popular girl - non popular girl friendship coming-of-age story but knowing your writing skills, i'm sure you'd pull it off. me, i'd probably end up mashing they're relationship to seperation because personally i can never settle down with a happy ending. because then i think about disney and i go, mind shutter.

but mulan deserved her happy ending. pocahantas too, but no - they got to make her get with some stupid john smith wannabe. .

anyways, the whole letter exchange between the two is beautiful, sacred even. nowadays [i sound like a elder], we got email, ims, myspace, facebook, bookface, hobbos, and zwinkies, so for someone to receive a letter that isn't either a) bills b) bills or c) american express trying to give you a new credit card then that's a miracle.

[Alexis doesn't know Isabelle anymore. Her name is Isabelle but she is not Isabelle. Isabelle died in a memory, a photograph, a love letter.

Alexis can't remember where things went astray. Perhaps it was when the Nymph came and guided Isabelle towards the underground. Or perhaps it was when the letters stopped coming. Or maybe it was all just a gradual change, creeping up from behind so slowly that nobody noticed until it lurked right in front of their faces.]

greek mythology ties-in. i hate when friends grow apart, even though it's life. i have, well had a friend who i used to know so well that we could finish each others sentences or order exactly what each wanted. but change is inevitable, and it caught a hold of me and her. no longer would our conversations burn into a year's phone bill, they would lull into awkward silences.

i'm sad to say that no longer are we friends, because friends can't be strangers.

[But she cannot stop herself from listening for news about Isabelle.] It's like, people say that they hate Anna Nicole Smith / Britney Spears / Paris Hilton / Nicole Richie / Lindsay Lohan and yet they can't stop criticizing and watching for their every move.

TV: In other news, Paris Hilton was arrested for - [mumbles]

Average Joe: That Paris. [Automatic Laughter]

["She's been hanging out with the Nymph. It's no good. What happened to the Nymph anyway? She was so brilliant back then; and now she's smoking pot every day after school."

"She's been drinking. Especially at parties. She thinks he doesn't notice, but her father knows she's stealing his liquor."

"She only goes to school if she feels like it. Her mother is so busy that she's never noticed."

"They've definitely been smoking at the park. She was telling me how she threw up the first time she tried it."

"She went to that party last night. She was so drunk, and she started flirting aggressively with this guy from that other school. It was almost embarassing to watch her."]

that what happens to the best of them. drugs. alcohol. drugs and alcohol aren't destructive, i think it's the way that you handle it that makes it either destructive or non-destructive. plus, once you start it's hard to stop and not get caught up with all that jazz.

[It was so easy.] Everything is so easy before it gets complicated.

personally, my opinion is that this idea would be a great plot and i know that you would execute it greatly. however, because it is based on a true story, they're will be some personal parts or parts when writing this story (if you get around to it) that will strike a cord.

me, i was actually going to write a story like this someday, well not exactly like this, and i only have the idea down, about a girl who is a cinder-nothing: a person who doesn't unexpectedly achieves recognition or success after a period of obscurity and neglect.

plus, i'm disgusted with the incorrect portrayal of drug use in some fictionpress stories. if you overdose, you can get it pumped out, if you drink a beer, woah you better watch out and if you smoke cigarettes, girls think you're super hot and guys think you're hella bad.

if people could get it pumped out, then we would still have jimi hendrix, janis joplin, river phoenix, layne staley and dee dee ramone. come on, at least do some research on the subject ... but that's getting off topic.

in the end, it's your call. but i think that you should give this story a go, because it sounds really great. if it was a movie, i'd probably get it on dvd because i hate going to the movies by myself, it makes me feel lame and my friends would rather watch movies like kung fu panda or horton hears a who cause they're goofy goobers like that x.x

can't blame them though, a panda who does kung fu. hella awesome (i'm a goofy goober too then xDD

p.s - guess whose turning one year older next friday! uh-huh, thats right, thats right.

p.p.s - my mom is.

p.p.p.s - not. it's really me that's turning one year older. i know, it doesn't seem so, but i am. - tears of joy - xDD
3/3/2008 c1 11anxiouslyD
This is really beautiful, they way you've written it and just everything. Your way with words is inspiring. I love the length of it, but it feels almost unfinished by the end. Personally, if it was a full-length story I wouldn't read it, but it's only because of my own tastes.

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